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Funny Story/Josh Groban!! Oct 21,28 & Nov 4 2015

Oct 21, 2015 Well Hello!!
Oct. 21, 2015  Funny Story
Dear Family & friends -
So first things first, how are all of you!? 
This week has been good. I got to confirm Jacqueline, our recent convert with the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting this Sunday, it was super cool! Yes, I nailed the ordination right in Spanish, the blessing after, not so much, but it was great! Super cool experience, I am just blessed. Blessed she even asked me to do it, and just love that family. They are my second family here, love them!!! They remind me a lot of our family, and I told them they always have a place at our house if they come and visit the US, they are just incredible! 
Well, funny story! We were on divisions, so I was with our zone leader, Elder Despain in their zone in Gran Avendia, Los Nogales, and we had this appointment with this guy, and he just keep going on and on telling stories and what not and near the end we were just super tired ha-ha kind of sick of him talking, and then he just started to sing, out of nowhere, and just loudly and staring at us! Ha-ha he had a good voice, it was alright, but he was telling us how he won so many competitions and what not, and Elder Despain was like, ¨You know what, Elder Carney is INCREDIBLE, in fact, I went to his concert, yeah, concert before the mission. In fact, I have a song by him on our phone!¨ and the guy turned to me and I just went with the flow, and was like, yes I write and perform songs. Ha-ha and then Despain pulled up this song on his phone, the one and only Josh Groban, the Don’t Give Up song. And the guy, was listening to the intro with the instruments, then when Josh Groban, or Brad Carney as Despain put in the phone, start singing, the guy just looked up at me SHOCKED: his face was priceless!!! He was amazed! Ha-ha he thought it was me! Ha-ha and he now wants me, or Josh Groban , to sing at his baptism! Ha-ha so that was just funny I couldn’t stop from laughing, so this guy still things I am a prodigy! Ha-ha it was good!
This Pday we climbed Santa Lucia, just a hill in the middle of the city, not really a hill but yeah super pretty, it was cool! The smog was cool too, ha-ha the air here is awful! 
It has been on and off raining and sunshine, hasn’t hit summer quit yet which is super rare here apparently. But yeah, the house of TRUNKY (3 elders leaving this change) is going good! 
(Honestly, it’s been really hard sometimes, to try to focus and just everything, but all is well. I have a ton of support and all that, I did ask president for a Latino comp because my Spanish just feels like it isn’t progressing, all me and my comp is speak English in the street, ha-ha so yeah that’s my little vent sesh, I JUST WANT TO SPEAK SPANISH!!! But all is well!)
This week was good, so yeah, we are working hard and just trying to do our best. It’s hard. Missionary work is hard. Ha-ha it sucks sometimes, not going to lie. But there are moments when it is great. I try to cherish those moments when we have them. Yeah, I dont know what else to say this week! Ha-ha hopefully more stories next week, sorry this email isn’t that good!
That is my life! I am just here in Chile, ha-ha living life and trying to serve the Lord. Nada mas! Mother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I miss all of you, write me and send me pictures, tell me about all your lives and dreams and everything!!! I miss you all greatly, I hope you know that! DONT FORGET ME!!!
Elder Carney

Oct. 28, 2015  Well What a week!
Hello Familia!
I am trying to think of the things that have happened this past week and I just can’t! Ha-ha for first right now I am SUPER tired. I don’t know why, I feel like everything is catching up to me! This Pday we just did shopping for my comp because he is leaving, buying recuerdos and what not, so it wasn’t really all that much fun ha-ha kind of sucked, but ah well! These next few ones he is going to say goodbye to all his people he wants to say goodbye too, I am just kind of here ha-ha but all is well. Man I’m tired!
Hmmm I have like pink eye or some kind of eye infection, just in one eye, so that’s kind of cool! I got eye drops though and I hope it’s going away! This past week has been good! We have this one family, the two girls want to get baptized and they are just great, I just hope the mother allows them too and she is kind of really firm. But through prayer, everything is possible! 
At times, the mission is just hard. Just plain hard. I don’t know how to explain it, but it just is. This past week has been a little frustrating just with everything at times, with my comp and with the area and people and just myself. But I am here to testify that we need to look inward. I need to knock my little pride down, because it’s not little, I am a prideful son of a gun. I don’t think I show it or express it, but in my mind I am and its awful!!! So I will be working on that!
I don’t know what else to really say this week, I am really sorry! I am tired and my Spanish sadly feels like it’s going backwards, just feel stagnant. Blessings of having a gringo comp to speak English in the street all day! But I know that someday I will be able to speak! Ha-ha isn’t that what faith is for? This week was just the same thing as any other week, ha-ha just living the missionary life! 
I am EXTREMLY sad I am missing fall right now, SO sad! I LOVE FALL!!! And Halloween, they don’t really celebrate it here, I don’t know I will tell you next week how it goes! But yeah, please someone watch a movie for me with Starbucks and snuggle, ahhh  or go for a run with all the leaves and the crisp air. DANG!!! Ha-ha someone do it for me, ok? Well family, I just wanted to tell you all I love you a lot. Like, a lot a lot, and I just love hearing from all of you! Makes my day! Well, my hour and 15 min I get ha-ha to write family. I love you all!!!!
God is good. He hears our prayers. Everything will work out. Hold strong. 

Elder Carney

Nov. 4, 2015
So hello everyone!
Well this Pday we have done nothing but walked around visiting people for my comp and saying goodbye, because he is leaving in 2 weeks. So it has kind of not been fun, at all, but all is well. Just have to do it another week also. Hmm.
Life is going good. Better. 
Our sector is going good. We have a baptism this week for this really old guy Juan. He had a stroke and is regaining his strength but he wants to be baptized! He doesn’t really retain info that well, but he has a testimony with is really cool! So I will tell you all how that goes!
Hmmm Spanish is an adventure none the less. I really  hope I get a Latino comp, because my Spanish it feels is not progressing at all. I hope so! But hey, so be it if I am lost for 2 years, no worries! No things are good
This week has been good. I am really trying to focus more on our investigators who are not really progressing. We have investigators which is good in the first place, but some of them my comp has been teaching for like 8 months, and not progressing. So that has been hard, to kind of remotivate and reamp everything. ENERGY!!! I need energy. It is hard at times, being happy. I love being happy. But when I am not happy, I don’t like that. And this is the gospel of happiness, and I need to be happier! So I’m gonna be happy dangit! 
Other than that, the ward is good. Some incredible people. It’s frustrating at times, because there is so much Gossip. SO much. And I HATE it! So like Pres Uchtdorf said, JUST STOP IT! I need to get better about it myself. I really do. Because everyone is a child of God, and who am I to judge others? We all have our own problems and everything, and that is my Godly council this week, for all of us to work on. Because man I am just done with it! I don’t know why, but people just tell us everything and gossip about anyone and everyone to us, ha-ha I hate it! So yeah. Rant done
I am learning .I am progressing. Slowly. Learning patience. Learning love. Learning to follow Christ, his example. It’s hard, not going to lie. Being a member of this church, being a follower, a believer of CHrist, is hard. It sucks sometimes. But it’s worth it. He has felt our pain. He knows our souls. He is here for us, ALWAYS. We just have to reach out to him. Have faith in him. Show him. 
I love all of you, hasta ver!

Elder Carney

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