Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016 SHALOM!

Apparently, the FORCE is with him!!!  VADERING it up in CHILE!!!

May 18, 2016

What up family, my friends, everyone in the 303 and in the USA! This week has been good. We are just working hard, or as they say here, sacando la mugre!!! Which literally means taking out the blood, welcome to Chile, there are saying and weird dichos for everything! 
This week, hmmm what has been new? Oh we had an activity here in our ward, that they planned for like 3 weeks, and like 15 people showed up haha so that was fun! But it was good, it was a festival de postres, so just ate desserts and all that!  I bought a brownie mix, haha I don’t have time to make a cake or anything from scratch! But they were prime!
So new guy in our house, Elder Willis, from Utah, he is a homie. Chill guy, super sick! Umm everything is going good, my comp is doing good! 
Today we went to the temple and went and ate at a Columbian restaurant, which was good! Haha now I feel sick, but whatevs, it’s the mission, we pretty much have diarrhea nonstop for 2 years. SOO sick of rice with chicken, or I should say oil, with a little bit of rice and chicken! But I am grateful that I have food.
The people here are awesome. I love them. Is it hard sometimes loving the people? Yes. But deep down, no matter how crappy the day or how cold you are walking around all day in the rain and nobody’s letting you in, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about love.
God loves us. So much. At times I question that, at times I am like, how? There are SOO any people in this world, how can he know ME, and know my name, and feel what I am going through? At times we all will question that, but think of all the moments that he has been there, that he has had a hand in our life. He is there. He DOES know us. He loves us more than we can know.
I am tired, haha as I always say, but I love being tired. Life is good!!!
Its getting colder here, raining and all that, and just super cold at night! Time for winter!!
That is all my family. I am sorry, not really anything special happened this week! Oh, this Haitian, Stanley, who is just the best, he called me his nigga, hahah I just started cracking up hahah what a homie. 
GOD LOVES US. LET HIM IN. love you all

Elder Carney

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Long Time No See! May 11, 2016

We had so much fun Skyping with Elder Brad Carney on Mother's day!!  He looks GREAT and sounds so happy!  It was so awesome!!! We had our Denver family on the call, as well as Danny in Utah, and Katy& Marty & twins from NYC!  It was the best!!!!!

May 11, 2016
Long Time No See!
Well hello family! wow, that was soo weird to see you all. Haha to see your faces and hear your voices. super weird! Yet soo good to hear and see you guys, I miss you like crazy! I just love my family; you all are the best. And almost cried, but didn’t, thanks mom, for being you. YOU THE REAL MVP mama carney. Love you!!!!
Katy, Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so yeah not really sure what to talk about this week! We had changes, but I’m staying and have to finish my kids training, but yeah another 6 weeks in this ward! It’s really progressed a lot, little by little, has it been super hard, yes, but I’m really blessed. Tired, yep, but blessed as ever! 
Hmm not sure what to say, going to do bullet points, deal? deal.

  • I now am like, a haircut person, I have cut like 5 peoples hair, and I will be honest, and prideful, they look dang good!!! so #newhobbie
  • we have an activity of postrew, of desserts this Saturday, not sure what to bake, but I need a recipe, something American if you could please send me one!!
  • Still living 6 in our house, well the other house, our house is getting renovated, and probs going to be another 2 weeks
  • Chile is cold in the winter, the houses have no insolation and it’s like a refrigerator
  • I almost got bit by a dog, but #protected by God
  • played soccer on a big turf field today with a ton of missionaries, my leg started hurting, from my injury my senior yet, my IT band, so that kind of sucked, going to take it easier now
  • Wow, I can’t breathe here. I feel fat
  • The people are good, we are finding some new people to teach. They are just sweet,
  • my kid (his younger companion he is training!)  is doing good, he is a good missionary, just trying to bring the spirit in every moment, in lessons and everything, that’s the challenging part as a missionary. The spirit is the teacher, not us, AMEN
  • that’s pretty much it....God is good.
I love you all!!! Have a GREAT weekend, and remember how much God loves you. To trust in his plan. I am so grateful to be here, honestly, I feel like I have progressed so much, learned so much, and yet have soo much to learn, yet I am so grateful that I am here. God loves us, he has a plan.
Trust in his plan. In his love. 


E Carney

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Today was WILD! May 4, 2016

May 4, 2016
Today was WILD!!!

Hello family!

SO today we went to the zoo!!! Haha pretty crappy zoo, and it’s like all on a hill, but it was fun! Shoot I can’t send pictures in this computer, super sorry! But yeah, it was good! Got to see some aminals, as Danny used to call it, or something! Haha but yeah, chill pday.

Wow, how are you all!? Thank you all so much for all the letters and everything, literally, letters to a missionary, makes the world. SO much. Thank you!!! 

This week was good. We are finding a lot of new people, like all of yesterday, we found so many new people, it was honestly so nice to see. After working hard and trying to find new people to teach, and feeling like nothing, NOTHING was working after so long, we found them! So that’s kind of good! 

Oh this one guy. Mauricio. We literally have been trying to go by him for the past 4 months, the time I have been here. He is a returned missionary and he works all the time, so we haven’t been able to find him. Then, the other day, I saw this tatted up guy and really big guy standing outside his door, and I was like, THATS HIM!!! And we like rushed over there and it turns out it was him! And it also turns out, his dad passed away a month ago, his mom has cancer, and he is really struggling. He said he knows he needs to do the things like he should be doing, and he knows that God sent us in that moment to help him. after searching for him for so long and telling him that God loves him, that he has a family, and a plan, it was incredible. We have a return appointment with him too, that was kind of a miracle moment. We never gave up trying to find him, and finally we did!

It’s been good. Yesterday was like, hot, and it was incredible!! I miss hot weather! Well, US hot weather, the sun here in Chile, is like straight up UV, straight up cancer, SOO strong! And the smog, I am pretty sure I will have lung infections when I get back. But yeah!

Spiritually, I feel like I am learning so much. So so much, yet I fault so much too.  Always there are things to work on. 

I want to share one of my favorite scriptures with you all. Its in 1 John 4:19 which says

“We love him, because he first loved us.” 

Really, I am discovering that. I am discovering why we do all the things that we do. Why do we pray? Why should I pray? Why should I go to church? I am tired. I don’t want waste 3 hours of my day. Why should I do all the things that we do? 

It’s because He loves us. That’s why we do them. He loved us, and that is all that matters. He knows us. He loves us more than we can know. And we do those things, we do all these things, because we love him. 

I love that. So so so much. that scripture might be my favorite, for life. It’s true. So true. We do these things, because we love him, and that is how we can show our love for him, because he loves us SO much.

I love him. I am so grateful for him. I love this knowledge, this gift that I have. And I am soo blessed. 

He lives. He loves us.

Elder Carney

Hello from the ghetto! April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016
What up from the ghetto!!

Yo what up mi familia!

How are you all doing!? So this is going to be a little short, but yeah! 

This week was good. It’s been good. Today was pday and we played soccer which was fun and then watched 17 miracles, ahhh I love that movie. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  Now. 

I truly am so grateful for the pioneers. Their faith, their dependence on the lord during their journey. How incredible they are. How much hardships they passed through, it is breathtaking. I am soo grateful for them, for their example to me. I couldn’t imagine all that they went through. It hit me hard! haha how little my problems are. How much they went through, how much faith they had, to get to Zion. To be sealed with their families. I remember studying about it in BYU and there was a quote, about how they came to know God, because of it. I am forever grateful them, for their faith. 

It’s been a good week. We had a lesson with a family that was just really spiritual, we showed the bible video, about Jesus being whipped and crucified, wow. I don’t like that video at all. It gives me rage, I don’t know, I just hate watching it. It makes things so real. SO much we talk about how he died for us and was put on a cross, but when we see it, the reality, it is so different. I don’t know why, I just felt such gratitude for all that Christ did for me, for everyone, how he suffered more than we can possibly imagine. And then we watched the resurrection, and wow. It’s just beautiful.

I love Christ. I love learning about him. I love him, and cannot express my gratitude enough for him. I love being on the mission because I get to do that every day. And I take it for granted, A lot. At times, I am tired. At times, I don’t want to go walk all day, in the rain, in the burning heat, have people scream at us, deny us, just feel like crap. But I am so grateful for what he did, for what he has done for me, that I shouldn’t take it for granted. 

He lives. He is real. He knows us. He knows your name. He knows where you have been, and he knows how to help you through it. He is our best friend. Our merciful savior. 

I love this gospel! It’s hard. Its hard training, its hard being in Chile at times. Yet I somehow keep going on. Keep on keeping on. I am so blessed to have a family, not only at home but here also, and to help others. I love it!

I love you all. This week, just take a moment, watch videos about Christ. Read about him. learn about him. And follow him. 


Elder carney