Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Endure to the end! Aug. 31, 2016

Aug. 31, 2016
Endure to the End!!

Hello family! 

Wow what a week it has been!

Well, I actually feel really bad because truly not anything new has happened. - Right now I just feel like I have to endure to the end of this change, with my comp, the ward, just life! Just got to buckle down and endure! That’s all I can do right now. Things have been so much better thankfully, but still. Man its tiring!

So I am attaching a picture which is my fierce picture haha me and one of the guys that lives in my house, also from Argentina. Elder Gallardo, he is the man

But yeah, as for the `people, we have found these new people which we are so excited for! They came to the open chapel that we did and they are really interested in learning more. They even expressed how much this makes sense and how they love learning. - I was like, holy crap. Why can’t everyone be like that!? Why can’t people just be open and learn!? It like dropped my jaw a little when they told me that. - I feel like for so much we are trying to pull `people, trying to connect with them and force them to learn, when in reality, they don’t want to. And it just shows that God truly has people prepared, we just have to find them! Although it seems rare, they are there!!

So yea that’s fun! I have had some good division’s with other missionaries lately. Its where I go or they come to my sector for a day and we get to know them and work in other sectors. And I just did one with an elder from my group elder Kieffer, he is just the man! He is from my group, so we came to Chile together and it was just a really great div with him! 

Well yeah, I just don’t know what else to tell ya! We are working a lot more with the members, trying to animate them and trying to get them for involved in the obra. Life is good, just got to endure!! 2 more weeks, I can do this! I am really sorry this is really bad email haha I feel awful for that, but I promise next week will be better!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Elder Carney

Oh yeah last week at our Mission President’s house it was really, really good! We watched Star Wars!!!!!!!!!! YEP!! The new one!! It was really cool! and yeah ate pizza and played volleyball, but I got too competitive and man I just miss it so much sorry I totally forgot about that!! yeah my mind is just tired from today. We played soccer today yet again, just trying to survive!ª!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aug 24, 2016 What a week!!!!

Aug 24, 2016
What a week!!!
Hello family

So wow, this has been kind of an interesting week, I will give you some updates

We had to go to the centro, downtown for my comp for his visa, and we had to wait for 5 hours, yes 5 ours standing and waiting in the police department thing, so I was like, alright, time to talk to people. And it was DOPE, because there were so many Haitian’s and I just love Haitians. They are the best, and sometimes they can’t speak Spanish or English, so I try to talk in creole and totally butcher it, haha someday I will learn French.

But I found some new friends! Haha from Ireland! Osa (which is funny because in Spanish means she-bear) and Jaime, two dudes from Ireland who are DOPE!! We talked for like 3 hours and it was just sweet! It was kind of funny, he kept calling me Brad and I was so weirded out haha, so weird to hear my name haha, but it was such a nice conversation, to connect with people, get to know their lives! And soo I now have new friends in Ireland haha and they invited me out to drink with them haha! yep, I was like, shoot sorry guys, that’s not going to happen! But they invited me to dinner and everything haha it was DOPE!! So yeah that was fun!

Also we went to the temple yesterday to do a temple tour with some of our people with two incredible people, Braulio and Victoria, they are soo awesome! The have a goal to be sealed in the temple for time and eternity! So that was really cool! 

I felt sick this past week but I am getting better. All is well! 

It’s getting cold and yet we had some days that were just freaking hot! haha man it feels like Colorado sometimes yet here everyone is dying of diabetes or cancer, and everyone can’t breathe because the air is so contaminated! 

We had an open chapel too which was super good! Our chapel is located kind of in an awful place, but actually there were a lot of families that came! So that’s awesome! An open chapel is when we open up the gates, doors, everything and anybody can come through, because people always say that our chapels are always locked up, but with this they can’t say that! And its cool. They learn about what we do as a church and all the organizations, and it shocks people that we are normal beings that believe in God. Haha people just come with so many opinions and mindsets that are SO different, but open chapels are really good for that! So yeah that was fun!!! 

Other than that, I am kind of just enduring to the end this change. It has been a hard one, but I know that I have learned so much and that I am here for a reason. Sometimes, all you can do is buckle down and endure. So that’s what I’m doing! 

Elder Carney

Monday, August 22, 2016

Aug 17, 2016 CHILEEEEEEEE!!!

Aug. 17, 2016
Hello familia!!
How are you guys doing? So yeah wow what a week!
I have been reflecting on just how crazy it has been being a missionary here and all that has happened. And wow, it has just been the craziest experience. Living in a foreign country for over a year, learning a new language, working everyday 24/7, with comps with scriptures, learning about Jesus Christ and most of all, serving God. WOW, I am tired! haha but oh so good. 
It has been a humbling and actually really better week. These past few weeks have been really hard, but things are getting better. Actually, things have been a lot better. With my comp things are getting better, sooo much better, and truly just killing with kindness, that’s the goal. And even if you aren’t feeling it, fake it till you feel it. I know I have learned a TON by this experience. And also with this ward. 
And I love this quote, I actually don’t remember it fully but it’s like, “man’s extremities are Gods opportunities”, something like that. And I feel like that’s true that when we are in our darkest or deepest, or hardest moments, that’s when we find God, that’s when we find strength, or a new perspective, or hope. But I also feel like that only works, if we look for it. IF we truly search for him, for his love, ask for it. And I believe that, I have learned that and felt that, I have felt him carrying me when I feel like I can’t do it. I just know that he is real, because I have felt his hand in my life, I have felt his love carry me, even when I couldn’t go on. 
So yeh, HE IS REAL. So many people doubt, soo many people, and its soo much easier to doubt in reality. And although I don’t know everything, I do know that God is real. That I just know it, and I have so much more to learn, but he is real. So boom. 
Other than that, we had a good week. We had a talent show, btw, Chileans do not have any talent in singing haha at all. it’s rough. But it was fun, we had like 30 people come, haha yep. But it was good, I just danced in the back where no one was watching, haha just hardcore interpretive dance, you better believe it
It’s been good going on divisions and getting to help other missionaries, I really have learned a ton. And also we had interview s with our new president. He is DOPE! Him and his wife are just the sweetest, just super awesome! Super chill too. And just loving. We had interviews and he is just the man. And also they came to our house one morning and gave us breakfast, no joke! Just awesome!!! 
Soo I have some new goals and I am really excited! Some are to read the book of Mormon once again and mark all the attributes of Christ, not sure why but I really thought it would be cool! Another is to get up at 6:30 KILL ME!! haha yep, here we get up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:30 in our mission, so I am trying to get up earlier, do exercises (rough) and get more study time. So we will see how that goes. I am super tired but hey, all is well!
GOD IS GOOD. He is real and he loves us so much. I love you all!!!

Elder Carney