Wednesday, December 21, 2016

FELIZ NAVIDAD! Dec. 21, 2016

Dec. 21, 2016
Hola mi familia, mis guashitos!!

Sooo here it goes!!

  • Divisions with Elder Martinez from Uruguay- he is dope, super fun! He is one of my homies so it was great!! 
  • Divisions with Elder Murphy from Idaho, he is a great guy, new to the mission but speaks super well!
  • Today we had a practice, we are singing in the Christmas conference that we have this Friday which will be so great!! So, we were in San Bernardo today which was fun!
  • Shout out to Elder Maser and his step mom, she is literally the best!! Got these dope pajamas, and shirts and socks and just so great, pic included, sorry its blurry!! Elder Maser is just the best! It soo crazy that over a year ago, we spent Christmas together here!! 

So, Christmas. Here it is. We need to give to Jesus. He deserves a gift. A gift of sacrifice. What are we going to give to him this Christmas, this new year? What will we sacrifice? What I really have felt is that wow, we are so blessed. He has given us all. 

To give a gift, is something from you, some part of you to give. Yet Jesus Christ, he gave us everything, he gave us his life. And we need to give him our will, our hearts. We need to follow him.

I have really been trying to focus on Jesus Christ in our teachings, in every teaching, because he is the reason. He is the reason we are here, that we can grow. And he is simply inviting us to come and see who he is, what he does, see the power that he has to literally change our hearts, to find hope. And all because of his birth. So, I am soo grateful for him, and I know I owe him a lot, and I want to invite you all to give to him as well. Because he gave it all, we can give a little. 

He lives. That is his gift. So, learn of him. Find out who he is. 

I am happy. I am soo happy to have this knowledge and this HOPE! And I love it!! 

I have Soo many reasons to not be happy. Literally so many. It’s hot, dogs bite us, we are in the ghetto, gunshots and drugs every day, sadness, people not progressing or even hating us and wanting nothing to do with us. EVERY REASON to be miserable, yet I am SOO happy. SO happy it’s so weird. I love it, and I want others to have it. So, if you are reading this, GO FIND IT!! Go talk to the missionaries, go get on your knees and pray. He is REAL This is real!! And I love it!!

Go find him. 

Elder Carney



Wednesday, December 14, 2016

FELIZ NAVIDAD! Dec. 14, 2016

Dec. 14, 2016

Chello familia,

Como están todos? How’s life?

Soo here we go, super sorry, but this week I don’t think I will be writing that much! But here it goes

  • We had divisions with the ward PAC, (Pedro Aguirre Cerda) and I was with Elder Grau, from España, he is DOPE, so that was fun!
  • Elder Champutiz and I are NOW SUPERHEROS (see picture!!) super sweet, thank you mama carney, right now it’s so hot at night that we don’t wear them, but when winter hits, you best believe I will be hitting those things up!
  • Ate sooo much fodo and ate something bad Sunday, the next day we were dying, BUT we made it through the day!
  • It’s been great, I love being a missionary!
  • We have a family, famila Rojas, they are great! Just awesome people and we are working, trying to reactivate them!
I just truly love being a missionary. That’s about it. It’s been such a humbling experience. And it’s such an act of faith, yet every person should go out and serve. Everyone. 

I feel so blessed. So so, blessed to be able to help these people, to give it my all, and to have Heavenly Father by my side, guiding me.  

It’s one of the most beautiful things to be an instrument in God’s hands. To help his children come back, to follow him.

I LOVE IT. I love this gospel. It’s true. And if you don’t know it. Go find out. Jesus Christ lives. I know it. And although I still have questions and doubts and I am still human, I know this. He lives to bring us home. Let him in, find out who he is, what he can do in your life. 

Elder Carney

Bradley got 1 of his Christmas packages, and opened his Christmas PJ's early!! He and his comp are "Super Missionaries!"  And considering it's 90 degrees there, they probably won't be wearing these onsie pj's very much!


Friday, December 9, 2016

NOv. 30 & Dec. 6, 2016

Nov. 30, 2016
Hello family!!

Soo how is everyone? 

Alright here it goes

  • This week has been good, it’s been a good one.
  • I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON AGAIN!! This is the 3rd time now in Spanish, it’s pretty dope! And actually, it was really cool. I decided to finish Moroni 10, the very last chapter in English, in the book of Mormon that I have had since I was 10, that I wrote my testimony in when I was 10. And it was just cool to read that, and just know that it is true! That it truly is another testament of Jesús Christ, of his love for us, and him coming to the Americas! It is igual (no idea how to say that in English) with the Bible, similar. And ITS TRUE!! 
  • And I love that if we want to become closer to God, that is it. We have the book of Mormon. So, ITS SO TRUE; READ IT PEOPLE!!! So frustrating when people don’t read because there are their answers, answers to life, to everything! And if we could just open up our hearts, and just ask God humbly, we can receive all the answers!! SO, FREAKING OPEN IT UP AND READ!!!
  • Anyway, we found a DOPE new family. Luciano, Pamela, Daniela, and Ignacio, and we just had a really really good lesson, about the restoration. Our first visit and they just were soo ready to hear it, they have been looking for so long and it was just great! So, we are excited for that!!
  • We have the new Christmas thing1! Ilumina el mundo its called in spanish!! Such a great video, and I love how it’s about service! So, go watch it everyone!!  (Here is the link to #Lighttheworld that Brad is talkign about - 
  • GO SERVE: such a beautiful thing to forget about ourselves and help, something so simple yet we find true joy, true Christ like love. 
  • It’s getting freaking HOT, haha and its killing me! 
  • Changes are coming up, this might be my last week here, and it will defs be my last week with mi hijito numero 2, elder Hendrix. It has been such a great time and he is a really great missionary, and I am really excited to watch him grow even more and just grateful to have been able to train him!
  • I am tired. Oh, so tired, yet I just love being a missionary. I love it. 
  • GOD IS GOOD. I know I say that a lot, but it’s true. He is. So, trust in him. 
That’s about it! I love all of you sooo much and I miss you all, but honestly, I love being here. I love being a missionary. And I know that’s where I need to be for now!

Elder Carney

Dec. 6, 2016

Hello family and friends!!

This is Elder Carney speaking to you, do you remember me? probs not, but it’s all good, I still love you guys!! 

So, this week has been a good one!! 

  • I am now out of Los Pensamientos and....AM IN LA BANDERA!!! Yep, literally moved wards. Still in the zone. I even still live in my ward, haha but just moved to the side, that’s it! But I am now with Elder Camputiz!! From Ecuador!! He is the man!! We have been friends from the beginning, I saw him be born so it will be good!
  • I had to say goodbyes, which was not fun. Man, I hate it!! But it’s really cool to see how much people progress and that you go where they go, you suffer with them, you cry with them, you laugh and share memories with them. And it’s just so weird, how much you really love these people, the people you dedicate your whole time too, and to say bye. It’s hard!! But hopefully I will see them again doing divisions and all that!
  • The picture attached is a sassy picture, haha yep! There isn’t a word for sassy in Spanish, so I taught them what it means and even their little kid is doing it! Jose! And that’s the Familia Andrade, they are incredible.  I love them. Literally some of my favorites, going to miss them a ton!
  • They threw me a pizza party also, which was beautiful. And another fam a completo party
  • I said goodbye to my kid! Mom Note- they call the person they train, their "kid")   Nope, haha he is actually in my district, so it will be fun doing divs with him! He has a new comp now too, a kid from his own group, so it’ll be fun! 
  • I AM A GRANDPA!! my first kid who I trained, elder Garzon from Columbia, he is now training!! I am a grandpa!! So crazy!!
  • I am excited for this ward! It’ll be good, it needs some help and some loving, but we will see!!
  • I love these people. I am so thankful for them. I cannot even imagine how our Savior and how much Heavenly father love us. If this is just a glimpse of it, I couldn’t even imagine. I love ‘em!
  • SO, I am going to be happy dangit! Just enjoy this time! It’s Christmas, its freaking hot but the Gospel is freaking awesome!!!!!
I love you all!!

Elder Carney

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nov 16 & 22, 2016 Well Hello!

Wed, Nov 16, 2016 1:08 pm
Subject: HELLO

Hello familia! How are all of you?

Soo yeah here it goes

  • today for pday we made sushi, which is really growing here and a lot of people love it, but this time, we MADE it, sooo we’re pretty much Asian 
  • Had interviews with president, was good, not much else to say!
  • We have a BAPTISM this Sunday!! Brandon y Daina, they are little kids but are just angels and their family is less active, all of them (this area has a lot) so hopefully we can see some blessings come from this, and they are so excited!
  • Vanel, he is a Haitian, and he is just the man! He has come to church 2 times now, and he has a baptism date!! I wish I was black..
  • Jehovahs Witnesses contacted our door...awk. They always try to fight with us and I just am soo sick of that! So they gave me a book and I did too, the plan of salvation, and while they were contacting me I was trying to get their address, haha! They got frustrated I think!!
  • We have been doing good, I have just been tired. But still trucking!
That’s about it!! 

Other than that, it’s been good. Life is good! God is good. He is so good. And it’s getting freaking HOT!!

It’s an adventure!! Life is good, just enjoy it. In the small and sjmple things. 

Elder Carney

Nov. 23, 2016
Welll Howdy Doo!
Hello family!! and friends, if I still have any!

This is your son/brother/friend elder carney!

This week was good!! Not really sure what happened honestly!! But life is just good!

I am just happy to be alive, just love it! Honestly, that’s about it!

Hmm trying to think!!

We found a lot of new people this week which his really good!! We are really excited, have some really cool potential ones!!

Ohhh Brandon and Dayyna were baptized!! It was soo good!! So special and just awesome! It was elder Hendrixs’ first baptism too and it was really good! Their whole family are less active, and there are more than 20 in total, so we will see if this brings some miracles. 

They were so excited! When they came out of the water Brandon was like, BAKAN!! Which is like AWESOME, DOPE!! haha it was great!!

I am really loving this ward. I love these people. It’s so frustrating at some points, and it feels like nothing functions at all, but I love it. I know that blessings come from it, from very little action. ESPECIALLY obedience. Something so simple. Just be obedient!!

That’s about it fam bam!! I love this gospel, sorry this email is lame!! BUT, GOD LOVES YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!! It’s not some social club, awesome thing, yet it is awesome. It holds all the keys in order for us to gain salvation, to be in families for eternity. It’s TRUE, its REAL!! Love you all!!

Elder Carney

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

HOLA MIS WASHITOS!! Nov. 2 & 9, 2016

Nov. 9, 2016
Hello my orphans I just told you guys!

How are all of you doing? Good? I hope so! How’s life and all?

So this pasty week was really good! Here it goes

  • SOooo freaking HOT!! I am dying of heat.
  • We went to the temple today, which man. It was just so great!! I love the temple!
  • We have a new rule where we can’t leave the mission, like at all. So, that kind of sucks because it is so small, our mission is really small, and so yeah, BUT whatever floats the boat! Just going to be obedient and that just means a lot of soccer and asados (bbqs) here!
  • We always do contacts, like in the park and houses and all that, and some of them just turn into great stories, really wierd stories too. Here are some experiences from my contacts
  • Talked to a girl who’s work is a pole dancer and gave me her card (awks, not going to call)
  • A lot of people who smoke marijuana and always offer us it, and I just tell them (un otra dia mejor) which means another day maybe>! They get a laugh out of that
  • I one time NAILED my body into a poll because I was walking and talking with people and didn’t look where I was going, THAT was a great laugh! I hope people saw!
  • Just a lot of random, weird things can happen!
  • We had a DOPE lesson. A really powerful one with Frqansico, a less active, he got baptized because the missionaries back then were really cool and good at soccer, then he went inactive. BUT we found him and he just cried with us, you could see that desire, that desire to change, and it’s just really cool to be an instrument in Gods hand.
  • We had 80 people come to church!! So that’s good!!
  • Had divisions with my district leaders, who I saw them be born (a term for when they came into the mission) and was their leader and that was just really cool! SO cool to see not only péople but missionaries and their progression, so awesome! And rewarding!
That’s about it!! We are just working it out here and living it up!!

The temple today was really good, and honestly I went in expecting some answers to my questions and kind of forcing it, but in it I just knew that I don’t need to worry, that everything will work out no matter what, and that I just need to be happy. 

Which is like the key to life. That’s all God wants. That’s all that the plan is. Eternal happiness. Happiness today, in this life, and in the next. SO that was just really good for me, I needed it and so that’s the goal, to just be happy. Life is too Good. Everything will work out

GO TALK TO THE MISSIONARIES: Go open your heart. GO find out what God has in store for you. YOU are part of his plan and he loves you so so much! Just ask him! 

I love you all!!! Besitos y abrazos!!

Elder Carney

Nov 2, 2016
Happy Halloween from the Mormon missionaries!!

Hello!! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing swell!

So, what a week. A lot of things have happened and it’s time for bullet points

  • VALERIA GOT BAPTIZED!!! On Saturday and it was sooo good! Well, not many members showed up, which I was disappointed, BUT it was such a good baptism and was just awesome!! Super good!!! She went from rock bottom to this point and it is just sooo cool to see her faith, and how GOD PREPARES PEOPLE. It is soo true. 
  • It was halloween, we dressed up as jehovas witnesses...nah! But I wanted too. The ward had a dance and man was it hard not to dance and just go crazy. Did I bust some moves, you bettter bet I did! 
  • My eye is going crazy, I got something in it and man it just is really red and hurts like a mother, but hopefully it gets better! 
  • Had divisions with the zone leaders and it was just so good! Went with Elder Jones from Idaho, and he is just the man, it was such a good day, I needed it!!
  • Invitation. GO OUT AND HELP PEOPLE DANGIT. I am sooo sick of people who don’t do crap. Who ask if a person is ok, and don’t do anything. If we really cared, we would go visit, go take time out of your own life and go help!!! So please people, forget about yourselves and go help. People do need you. 
  • It’s just been good! 
  • I have been very tired lately. Really tired, yet I know that even when I feel like I CANT CONTINUE, THAT GOD LIFTS ME UP, HE GIVES ME A LITTLE MIRACLE, OR A LITTLE ENERGY BOOST, AND I JUST NOTICED THIS IS ALL IN CAPS, SUPER SORRY
·        But yeah life is good family! I hope you are all doing well, just trucking along here in Chile!!

·        Love you all soo much! God is GOOD!!

·        Elder Carney

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oct 26, 2016 HAWT DOG!!!

Oct. 26, 2016

Hello family and friends!

Wow. It is getting HOT here!! 

Alright here it goes
  • We had a baptism, well the other elders did in our ward, but she is awesome!! She was living with her boyfriend, and then they decided to split up living together so that she could get baptized! AND, literally right after her baptism, in the meeting and everything, her boyfriend asked her to MARRY HIM!! It was CRAZY!!!! And yes, I got it all on video. But it was soo sweet, so sincere, and soo happy for them and their little family!
  • We got a white wash here! So, the other two guys in our ward they left. And we now live with an argentino and a peruano. They seem like good guys, one is in their training too, so that’s cool!
  • I am now the oldest in the house. what the heck...what is this!?
  • Valeria. She is going to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!! We are really excited for her and she is really excited!! She has changed soo much, and she is ready to complete. She is awesome!!
  • I got the hump day package which thank you all Soo much!! Haha a little late, but no worries!!! 
  • Alright. I want to talk about forgetting about yourself. Yep, forgetting about oneself. 
I have put in a lot of effort to just focusing on other people, what they need. Serving them. Just losing myself in helping them, praying for them, doing everything that I can for them! And wow. I have noticed such a difference. In my attitude, in my thoughts just all about them!! And while I have been doing that, I have realized how blessed I am, how that I’m not important. It’s not about me. It never was. And how I am here to serve God and his children. Yet while doing this, I have developed such a deeper love for the people, and a deeper importance of the gospel in their lives. I just love it, so FORGET ABOUT YOURSELVES: YOU ARNT IMPORTANT!! haha that sounds bad, but no, go out and help, go serve!! Just do it!! Help your brothers and sisters, they need it!! It isn’t about you!!

So yeh boom, stepping off my soapbox!! I love this gospel; it has been a good week! Just living it up here in Santiago sur!!

Elder Carney