Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sept. 28, 2016 CHAO PELO!

Sept. 28, 2016
Hello family

So I did something, that changed my life forever...

I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR. Yes, I am now bald. Well, not completely, but yeah, me and my kid did it, and other people are doing it too now, so pretty soon its going to catch on and all the missionaries are going to be doing it. The flow is gone! 

So yeah, back to my old rat days, but hey, it’s all good, not here to impress anyone! Also, its getting super hot and so I’m ok with it!

How are all of you!? So this week was a good one, here goes the bullet points
  • We had 82 people come to church. I repeat, we had 82. It was sooo good to see the chapel like full!  We had 5 investigators come too, which is incredible and we are just so blessed!
  • We are helping Valeria quit smoking, she is so awesome.  She knows it’s true, she just needs to quit smoking and truly its incredible to see people turn their life around, like there is a difference in their countenance. So please pray for her!
  • Also, I had a little surprise too. My Chilean family from my first ward, Jaqueline and Sandra Gonzalez Turedo, they came and visited me in my ward!!! They just pulled up and walked in and I was like, in shock!! They just wanted to come see how I was and give me more animo, I just love them so much. Literally I love them, they are INCREDIBLE. It’s like true love of God. They are such a special family. So that made my whole month. I just love them, and am so blessed!
  • We are doing good!! Just working hard and being obedient. Its literally obedience when you find and see the blessings and miracles. In all the little things. 
  • My shirts are stained yellow I swear #loveit
  • We found a family of Brazilians and hopefully they can teach me some Portuguese! Haha just kind of fun
That’s literally it. I really don’t know what else to tell! We are seeing so any blessings, and honestly I feel like its if you look for them in the small and simple things. It’s all about attitude, too. To now be with my compo and to have and exercise that faith, and not just have one person doing it, makes all the difference, and it’s just incredible!!

GOD IS GOOD. Just another week in Santiago sur!!

Elder Carney

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's the Climb!!! Sept 21, 2016

It’s the Climb!!!
Sept. 21, 2016

Hello family!!!

So today, we went on an adventure! Yep, we woke up at 5:00 am and went and climbed to a waterfall today!! It was sooo incredible and did I run a little bit of the way? Or should I say a lot of the way? YES. haha I miss it sooo much and it just felt so good to be alive!! So yeah!!! It’s called Aguas de San Ramon and it was DOPE!!! And am I tired? Yes. That’s for sure!! Did we walk in total like 13 or 14 miles today? Yes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love hiking!! 

So yeah!! That was fun!! Man it reminds me of Colorado, and just so nice to be in the mountains and everything! Anyways, it was a good week!

We have found new people, it’s been such a blessing. We have just buckled down and done the hard things! It’s been really good, my comp is a really great guy and he is just hanging in there! I was once at that point, and I’ts so weird to see how far I have come! We are having a good time! Just killing it! We have one of our investigators, Valieria, and she has a baptismal date now!! She is trying to quit smoking, so prayers are needed! But she is so incredible, and we are so excited for her! At the end of October hopefully! 

What all happened this week? Oh we had the 18th of September!!! Which is like the 4th of July!! And it was really fun! Well, we only went to the activity in the church for 2 hours then we went out and worked. Which, nobody was really home. Like at all, and the ones who were home are just drunk people, so that’s not really fun! 

We have Sandra and Emerson, who also have a baptismal date, and they are really chill, super awesome and their dad actually has cancer now, so that was kind of hard on them, but we are helping them out! 

WOW am I tired. I am. Yet I am happy! It’s been a really good time and just living the life!! Just keeping it sassy and sweet in Santiago!! 

GOD IS GOOD. I love you all and hope all are well!!!

Elder Carney

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Well...I'm pregnant! Sept. 14, 2106

Sept 14, 2016
Well…..I’m pregnant!  **(When they are training, it means they are a "Dad")

Hello family
Soooo guess what? I AM TRAINING AGAIN!!!!! haha yep I have a new kid right out of the womb! His name is Elder Hendrix, a gringo!!!! From Texas. Super excited!! Literally I am so happy to train yet again, and with a gringo!! I feel a LOT more prepared this time too, but it’s going to be fun!!
Yeah so my old comp, I finished with him!! We ended strong, man was that hard. Man...I learned SO much and I am just glad its over, its now time to train!!! He is a great missionary, super excited!!!
It reminds me of when I was in my training and I just couldn’t understand anything and it was so hard!  I remember being so frustrated, like I have this message but I can’t share it at all! And it’s so weird being in this position, on the other side, like wow, I know this now and now I am helping out. Its like I started from the bottom and now we’re here kind of moment!! 
And so yeah, the 11th of September we were fine, we went to church and then we were in our house all day after! Gunshots and fires yeah, but other than that its normal!! We are all good!!
I gave a talk on Sunday about the love of God, about how evil, it’s not from God, and how people ask where is God in this suffering, where is god in all that has happened? I compared it with the Columbine shooting and 9/11 and it was really good I hope!! Nobody said anything after, haha they are so cold here, they don’t even fake telling me that I did a good job!! Haha but ah well, I hope somebody got the idea!!
We have this new family, Sandra, Marcelo, and Emerson, which are really good! And the dad just found of that he has cancer, and he has been catholic his whole life, and said that he won’t ever change, and now he is having dreams (Latin thing) about our church and all that! And so we are really excited to be teaching them!! YEAH!!!
I love Chile!! AND this week will be fun because it’s the 18 pf September which is Independence Day, (sorry butchered that!) and people here just party all week haha but I love it!! And a lot of drunk people, oh joy. But yeahj! I am doing really good. I have been through a lot, and now it’s time to be happy dangit! It’s time to have fun and work hard!! I am really excited to train; I am just going to give it my all!! I emailed his mom recently just to tell her that her son is a great missionary and see if they need anything. So yeah!! I am just excited!!!!
Sorry that’s about it!! I love you guys like crazy, I am really excited for what’s to come and yes!!!! It’s time to have fun, to work hard, and serve God. LETS GOI
Elder Carney

Here are Elder Hendrix and Elder Carney having a Completo (Chilean Hot Dog)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What the Heck!! Sept 7, 2016

Sept. 7, 2016       Well…..What the heck!!!!

Hello family!!!
So this week. Hmmm I am going to do a bullet list thing! Here it goes

  • WE GOT ROBBED. YEP. they robbed our Chapel. Our chapel which has like a 15 ft gate around it and everything and they broke in and robbed it. We had to go check the chapel at like 9 pm and yep, things were scattered everywhere, they broke into like our vaults that we have, like heavy duty doors, and robbed everything! And not only our chapel, but every chapel in our stake too we just found out! They are like professionals! So yeah super crazy!! It is so sad that people do that! I was super scared because we didn’t know if anyone was still there and what not, so we ran out and locked the doors and yeah waited till the cops and the bishop came then left.
  • We went to this giant food market place I guess you could say, it’s called la persa here and its sweet! So much fruit and weird meat (which is NOT trustworthy, at all) and we just walked around and explored today downtown as a district!
  • I nailed my head on a roof, yes a roof (the people here -some houses are not big, at all, and I always nail my head on gates and what not!) and cut my head, my forehead, haha, but all is well
  • We had 2 PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH!!! 2 investigators who are just awesome!! We are so excited!! Catalina and Veronica, and it was just so great for them to see and feel such a difference, different than any other church that they have been too! And they are reading the Book of Mormon now and it’s just a blessing in disguise, to see people who want to learn and to come unto Christ, just incredible!
  • Allergies are starting up and it is starting to get freaking hot!! Here comes summer!!
  • CHANGES, I am really blessed to be here and to be with my comp, I have learned a TON, and MUCH patience, but we are going to finish strong. But yeah, I did it. When I thought I couldn’t, God gave me the strength and I love my comp. 
  • Oh this Sunday is the 11th its where delinquents here go crazy so we have to be in our house all day!! haha man what is life!? 

That’s about it!! I love you all sooo much!!! have an incredible week and go share the gospel!!!

Elder Carney