Thursday, January 19, 2017

Familia!! Jan. 18, 2017

Jan. 18, 2017
Que tal!?

Jan. 18, 2017

Que Tal???Wow, how is everyone doing?

This week has been kind of crazy, not going to lie!

We have been dropping a lot of people kind of having to start from scratch, which is rough. Really rough, because so many people are gone for vacations, and so we are searching, just trying to find that faith, find the people who really want to listen.

Man, this mission, it’s truly like swimming against a current. And I don’t know if you all have ever done that before, but it’s ROUGH! But, just keep swimming! JUST KEEP SWIMMING! I am really learning a lot about enduring, just bearing down.

Josefa got baptized!! La familia Rojas! They are great! She is going to be a missionary someday, no doubt! The family is getting reactivated and we are just waiting for them to have callings! They are great. They have been through a lot, so prayers porfa!

We are doing this thing, the 5 min plans. We go to members houses and present this plan that me and my comp are doing. We are really trying to help this ward. This ward is kind of going downhill. which is sad. SO, we have this plan, but it’s really frustrating too because we NEED the members. Here, it is a huge division between members and missionaries, yet the members ARE the missionaries. So, we are searching for references and just trying!!

I am focusing a lot on the scriptures and really getting an effective and great study in every day. And honestly, it’s made all the difference. It’s not like I’m tired or I am struggling to keep my eyes open, but it’s actually fun! Never in my life have I thought that reading the scriptures are fun, but I have learned and gained soo much knowledge and cool insights just by truly studying them! SO, do it!!

Today we played soccer, man I was weak! Haha I need to get into shape, I feel like I get so tired so easily. 

I love being a missionary. I invite everyone, every day, to come unto Christ. I have my purpose and I love being here. I love being a missionary. It’s truly the greatest, forgetting about yourself and serving others. I don’t think there is greater joy, And although I am tired, and worn down, and sometimes just want to give up, I keep going, because I am happy. Because Christ suffered for me, and for you, and for everyone. There is a quote that I like a lot,

He gave it all. You can give a little. 

SO, give a little, go do it. It’s not about you, it’s about God and building his kingdom, about changing yourself, loving others. And it’s the most beautiful thing ever! 

Elder Carney

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The last 3 weeks! 12/28, 1/4, 1/11/17

Jan. 11, 2017
Hola mi familia!!

Wow, how I just love you guys!!

Alright here it goes

  • Went to the temple today. - It was really, really good. I just love feeling the peace there. We can’t get that anywhere else in the world. I love it. And honestly, I felt like I was looking for a lot of answers, and I just realized that I need to focus on how I feel, and I just love the peace. So, PEACE! Seek for it.
  • The ward is going a little rough. People are leaving and moving away, also a lot are going on vacations. So, it’s a little challenging. There isn’t really any communication and it’s just not going to hot. We are trying, but it comes to a point where we can’t do everything, and we can’t!  But all is well
  • We had 45 people at church. Welcome to Chile!
  • One of our investigators died. Yet Mauri. It kind of hit us hard. In a matter of 2 weeks he got sick and died. He had 28 years of age and was a really good guy, we only talked with him a couple of times before he got sick and then boom, we go to his house and he is their but in a casket. SO, that was kind of rough, really sad for his family, but we are going to go and try to teach his family and give them hope. It was just kind of shocking, like, whoa, life is truly precious. 
  • BUT we have a plan. We have the knowledge that we can be with our families together, forever. And it’s something that we have to work towards, we don’t just freely get it. Yet it is such a beautiful promise and plan, and it’s called the plan of salvation. So please, go look it up on or go have the missionaries teach it to you, IT WILL CHAGNE YOUR LIFE!!
  • I got to do divs (divisions) with one of my kids, Elder Hendrix! Was soo good. So great, really cool to be with him again for a day and yeah, he is an incredible missionary!! 
I love the mish. It’s the best. I love God. I love Jesus. I am soo eternally grateful for them. And for all that I have been blessed with. 

I invite you guys to go share your testimony. Go preach the gospel. People need YOU, and they are just waiting! SO, GO; ACT!! Love you all

Elder Carney

AND here is a sweet email I received from his last companion, Elder Hendrix! Bradley just thinks he is such a great missionary and loved working with him and it was such a great surprise to get this from him!
Dear Sister Carney, 

My name is Elder Hendrix and I was your sons former companion. I wanted to email you to tell you how great of a missionary he is and to let you know how grateful I am for him. He was my trainer, so I came into the mission like most new missionaries do with little experience. He made the transition so easy for me from life before the mission to where I am now! Elder Carney is one of the most sincere and caring people I have ever known. His love for the people is something I want to model as a missionary! I have learned so much from him, and wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of him!

Elder Hendrix

Jan. 4, 2017
Hello family!

How are you guys doing!?


  • So, we had 23 people at church...yeah, a little rough. BUT hey, things WILL get better! All about faith
  • We haven’t really had any success this week, which was a little hard. Everyone here leaves for vacations and people are either drunk or don’t want anything. SO yeah, that’s that! 
  • Life is going good! I just love being a missionary!!
  • Gave a talk in church, that was fun! 
  • We cleaned the house deeply today, was needed. Now it is beautiful
  • God is good!! 
  • I am just blessed. Last year was a full year being a missionary, and it has been so crazy all that I have learned!! It flew by too. At some points felt soo slow, and others it just went by soo fast!! But yeah, 


Elder Carney

DEC. 28, 2016
Hello family!

WOW. So good to see all of you! You all look so good! It was weird just talking and just being with you guys! I miss it! BUT, all is well!! There is work to be done!

It was a good Christmas. Very simple. Didn’t really have much time to feel the Christmas spirit, but in reality I did. I served. I just love serving, I love helping these people here, and that truly is the Christmas spirit. To love one another, to help our own brothers and sisters, so I did feel it, and I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and to celebrate his birth!

So, that’s about it! So sorry, I kind of don’t have anything else! All is well here!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE, and happy 2017 coming up, CRAZY!!!

Elder Carney