Wednesday, June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017
Hello family and friends!!

What a crazy fast week. I honestly have no idea all that has happened. But I have a few bullet points listed. 

Wow, sooooo this is kind of weird. I am doing my goodbyes to some people today, and wow. I don't know ow I feel about life! I am tired, sad, happy, at peace, emotional. Pretty much just like a 14 year old girl, not going to lie! Everyday is an emotional roller coaster, but I am just happy! Happy to be here! 
  • A house of hermanas,(sister missionaries) an apartment flooded and went down 3 stories to other apartments...that was fun. 
  • We went to Johnny rockets when we were in downtown Santiago. We walked in and literally everyone (all the staff) yelled HELLO at us. That's a way to make an entrance.
  • At the centro. I love it, and hate it. Here is why. The people, look SO good, looks holy crap, put together, just beautiful people! Yet I also hate it, because I look like crap! Haha its like being at BYU all over again, I am just in my shorts and hoodie #thuglife
  • Funny experience: we were in a store the other day, and these people come up to us and ask us where we find these clothes. They thought we worked their #itstheplaque that actually has happened quit a few times here. 
  • my comp is getting surgery on his knee tomorrow, just a scope surgery but still pray for him! All will be well
  • My replacement in the office should be coming this week, so I will be training him how to do my job and all that, that will be fun! 
Honestly, I have no idea what else happened! I am so sorry! I do the same thing in the office haha its always an adventure, but I guess its not that cool to you all! 

I have done some goodbyes today, tonight I will be doing more. Its just such mixed emotions. I will explain more next week.

This week will be good, we are having our final trip to the temple as a group with president tomorrow, then having an auto sufficiency class Friday, and yeah, I guess its just closing things! But, grateful to be here! 

Have a beautiful week!!!

Elder Carney

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