Thursday, September 24, 2015

9/16/15 THE PURGE! What a week!

Hello Family!!!

So last week we had what I call the Purge! Which is really the 11th of September here, where it’s like a rebellion and all that. Anyways, nothing happened in our area which kind of sucked. We heard gunshots and sirens, nothing else, which that stuff is just normal. It was funny, were teaching lessons outside and these gunshots went off close to us and we just kept teaching haha, just funny! But we came in the night before the 11th and just deep cleaned everything and then the next day we just chilled. I read a lot of ensigns, the English ones I could find, and played cards, banangrams, flew kites which are super popular here, people like fight kites, played ninja with the other elders, had bro and pillow talk which was just a heart to heart and yeah, it was kind of nice to have a break not going to lie! SO nothing happened which I am sad, but all is well. I guess God protected us even though we wanted to see some action happen!

Haha well, it happened. This lady whipped it out. Yes, I am talking about breastfeeding. We were in the lesson and I was sharing a scripture about prayer, and I look up, and there is one of her 3 year old kids just going at it! Haha I just laughed a little and I kept going! It was too bad, just funny! Also, I saw a grown man pee in the street, yes, they just pee wherever they want to! No idea why, but a lot of people do it, right by the street, I don’t get it. 

There are drunk guys everywhere, EVERYWHERE and some of them are super funny and loving and just want to express their emotions, others are very mean and we have just had to ignore a lot of words they say to us and what not. But it’s just sad, to see drunk people, people just wasted at like 3 pm, just super sad.

Spiritual moment; So we have this family, the dude is named Jorge and him and his family, of 3 little kids and his wife live in this super small house thingy, and they only have one chair for their table, and so me and my comp shared their one chair while the father and everyone sat on the ground to hear our lesson. This man is just awesome. He works all day, and lives paycheck by paycheck pretty much and here he is, sitting on his cold cracked floor, in a small room, wanted to hear from two young people. Him and his whole family. The little kids opened the fridge and they had nothing in it. They had a chicken on the table and that was it. The room is like a closet, the walls are cracked and stuff, they have one other room with one bed where it looked like all of them slept, and it was just super humbling. This man sitting on the floor, giving us his chair, giving us his time and it just made me realize how blessed we are. I am so blessed. Blessed to have a full fridge, a chair, a bed to myself, a house that is insulated back home, just everything. 

Alright, we were also on divs so I went to a different sector with Elder Diaz and we went to this menos activos house, this dude who has been inactive from the church for a long long time. And he was a really nice dude, and it was about the atonement and about repentance. Later that week I was just struggling, I had a couple days of just begin so frustrated at myself because I couldn’t understand everything or say anything, I felt like I wasn’t helping at all. But then this lesson came and I feel like I needed it more than the man did. I got to share my testimony about the atonement and about forgiveness and help this man. The man was asking me questions about how to forgive and what I have done and I just felt like I actually made an impact on this man’s life. I felt the spirit so strong, it was unreal and I just felt like I made a little impact, even if it was just little, on this man’s heart. It was what  I needed, if that’s all I could do, if that’s all I can do, impact this man, that’s all worth it. I loved every second of it. Also, at the end, he was just like, WOW I am receiving revelation from Joseph Smith right now! And he kept calling me joseph because of my nose and how the light was hitting me. My dang nose! Haha but hey, it’s a compliment to me to look like joseph smith the man! But it was just really cool. I remember that during the hard times.

There have been quite a few hard times here not going to lie. I get so frustrated with the language. I screw up almost every word I can’t understand everything I just get so frustrated and put that upon myself. But always I keep trying. I think about the happiness that I have, the knowledge that I have that others don’t. And that’s not how it should be. Everyone deserves a chance to be happy, yet this happiness is not temporal. I have learned that the spirit is the teacher; the spirit is the language, not the language itself. I am learning just the have faith in that. Faith in God in everything. Faith. Something we talk about so much yet never focus on with all our heart. That is going to be one of my goals. 

I love you all!!! I hope you all are great and I just miss all of you!!!

Elder Carney

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