Thursday, September 24, 2015

I AM ALIVE!! 9/23/15

Sept 23, 2015
Hello familia and friends!!!

Well, we had an earthquake here!!!! An 8.5 and guess what, we didn’t even feel it!!! We were in the streets rushing to get to an appointment because we were super late (I hate being late!) and we totally missed it!!!! I was so mad when we saw all these people going crazy and yeah freaking out and we were like, what the heck is going on!!! All these dogs barking and people freaking out. And I missed it!!! But, right after, we felt replicas (aftershocks) and they were so sweet!!! It is the weirdest feeling!!! And these last until today too, they will keep lasting. Just moments throughout the day everything will start to shake and it’s sweet! For like 3 nights straight they woke me up though, although that is easy with all the dogs barking, Chileans fighting in our department area and how thin the walls and windows are! So yeah, super crazy!!! Sadly people died and that is never good, but yeah!

Well it was the 18th of September this week and it was super crazy! It is like 4th of July in the states, and all these people just dancing the quaka (their national dance) and empanadas FOR DAYS!!! I like the emps with quesso, but the others ones, gosh, SO many. So much meat. We had a party at the Capilla and it was really good! Our investigator family came and it was really great!!! They dance a lot here, super weird dances but cool! 

This past week was super slow for us. Everyone just doesn’t care when it comes to the 18th, they just want to have fun and party! So we didn’t teach like, any lessons. But we still got some and yeah, it was a good week! 

Spanish, of course, yeah. Sometimes I just feel like I will NEVER learn this language, and how long a journey I have. But other times, I feel like I can do it. It is coming. Step by step. Spanish is so hard. Chilean Spanish is hard I should say, because some Chileans (especially those without teeth) I cannot understand ANYTHING!!! Just kind of smile and say yes! Haha but yeah, day by day. 
So a cool thing happened. An investigator asked me to pray in English, and so I did it and I like, couldn’t speak English!! I kept saying, y and con and por favor as filler words and it was just insane!!! I was low key freaking out haha so excited!!! That means something is working. But it was just the weirdest feeling. So weird!!!

Our sector is good! Man, it is so hard getting people to come to church. So hard. And with how much Chileans work, they just work their lives away, and it’s so sad. 

Anyway, I have a challenge for all of you. Read joseph smith testimony, read the introduction en el libro de Mormon, (The Book of Mormon) it is amazing. The book has so much power. The testimonies have so much power. We have this book, that can change people’s lives, and yet we don’t share it! We don’t share it with others, and why not!!!! Open your mouths, share your testimony, bring others unto Christ, let them feel of this happiness, This amazing, beautiful happiness!!! 

Boom. All is well here. I am taking it day by day. God is good. Carpe the crap out of life. 

Elder Carney 

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