Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Endure to the end! Aug. 31, 2016

Aug. 31, 2016
Endure to the End!!

Hello family! 

Wow what a week it has been!

Well, I actually feel really bad because truly not anything new has happened. - Right now I just feel like I have to endure to the end of this change, with my comp, the ward, just life! Just got to buckle down and endure! That’s all I can do right now. Things have been so much better thankfully, but still. Man its tiring!

So I am attaching a picture which is my fierce picture haha me and one of the guys that lives in my house, also from Argentina. Elder Gallardo, he is the man

But yeah, as for the `people, we have found these new people which we are so excited for! They came to the open chapel that we did and they are really interested in learning more. They even expressed how much this makes sense and how they love learning. - I was like, holy crap. Why can’t everyone be like that!? Why can’t people just be open and learn!? It like dropped my jaw a little when they told me that. - I feel like for so much we are trying to pull `people, trying to connect with them and force them to learn, when in reality, they don’t want to. And it just shows that God truly has people prepared, we just have to find them! Although it seems rare, they are there!!

So yea that’s fun! I have had some good division’s with other missionaries lately. Its where I go or they come to my sector for a day and we get to know them and work in other sectors. And I just did one with an elder from my group elder Kieffer, he is just the man! He is from my group, so we came to Chile together and it was just a really great div with him! 

Well yeah, I just don’t know what else to tell ya! We are working a lot more with the members, trying to animate them and trying to get them for involved in the obra. Life is good, just got to endure!! 2 more weeks, I can do this! I am really sorry this is really bad email haha I feel awful for that, but I promise next week will be better!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Elder Carney

Oh yeah last week at our Mission President’s house it was really, really good! We watched Star Wars!!!!!!!!!! YEP!! The new one!! It was really cool! and yeah ate pizza and played volleyball, but I got too competitive and man I just miss it so much sorry I totally forgot about that!! yeah my mind is just tired from today. We played soccer today yet again, just trying to survive!ª!!

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