Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Aug 24, 2016 What a week!!!!

Aug 24, 2016
What a week!!!
Hello family

So wow, this has been kind of an interesting week, I will give you some updates

We had to go to the centro, downtown for my comp for his visa, and we had to wait for 5 hours, yes 5 ours standing and waiting in the police department thing, so I was like, alright, time to talk to people. And it was DOPE, because there were so many Haitian’s and I just love Haitians. They are the best, and sometimes they can’t speak Spanish or English, so I try to talk in creole and totally butcher it, haha someday I will learn French.

But I found some new friends! Haha from Ireland! Osa (which is funny because in Spanish means she-bear) and Jaime, two dudes from Ireland who are DOPE!! We talked for like 3 hours and it was just sweet! It was kind of funny, he kept calling me Brad and I was so weirded out haha, so weird to hear my name haha, but it was such a nice conversation, to connect with people, get to know their lives! And soo I now have new friends in Ireland haha and they invited me out to drink with them haha! yep, I was like, shoot sorry guys, that’s not going to happen! But they invited me to dinner and everything haha it was DOPE!! So yeah that was fun!

Also we went to the temple yesterday to do a temple tour with some of our people with two incredible people, Braulio and Victoria, they are soo awesome! The have a goal to be sealed in the temple for time and eternity! So that was really cool! 

I felt sick this past week but I am getting better. All is well! 

It’s getting cold and yet we had some days that were just freaking hot! haha man it feels like Colorado sometimes yet here everyone is dying of diabetes or cancer, and everyone can’t breathe because the air is so contaminated! 

We had an open chapel too which was super good! Our chapel is located kind of in an awful place, but actually there were a lot of families that came! So that’s awesome! An open chapel is when we open up the gates, doors, everything and anybody can come through, because people always say that our chapels are always locked up, but with this they can’t say that! And its cool. They learn about what we do as a church and all the organizations, and it shocks people that we are normal beings that believe in God. Haha people just come with so many opinions and mindsets that are SO different, but open chapels are really good for that! So yeah that was fun!!! 

Other than that, I am kind of just enduring to the end this change. It has been a hard one, but I know that I have learned so much and that I am here for a reason. Sometimes, all you can do is buckle down and endure. So that’s what I’m doing! 

Elder Carney

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