Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017
I’M OUT!  

Haha hello family and friends!

Well, my time has ended. I got changed! And actually, my comp did too, they are whitewashing it. Which is honestly good. The ward needs it. Man, we tried our hardest, and in the end, it’s up to God! 

But president called us to tell us Saturday, and I just felt really peaceful about it, really good. And sooo I am now in the stake OHiggins and the ward, Los Conquistadores!! (Mom note- a ward is a congregation in a specific area)  haha it’s in the ghetto. Yet again. My whole mission has been in the ghetto, but hey, more fun stories!! 

All is well here! I am with my new comp Elder Alvear from Columbia, he is a good guy! He has about a year in the mission, we are the only two elders in the ward. It’s a REALLY small ward, so it’ll be interesting! We live with two other elders too, thank heavens! Living with just 2 can be boring! But now we have 4!

I am excited for this new opportunity!! It will be good! Last ward, which makes me really feel weird, but hey all is well!! Just going to enjoy every minute. That’s my plan!!

It’s time to just soak it in!!

All is well here! I will miss a lot of people from my old ward, but it’s a new chapter! Time to learn more! Tired. YES. But happy!

All is well!!

Jesus lives! He really does!!

Elder carney

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