Thursday, February 23, 2017

UPDATES! 2/15/ & 2/23/17

  • Feb. 15, 2017
    Helloooo family and friends!

    This is Elder Carns coming to you from the slums of Santiago!

    Wow, what a week. Here are some highlights for you all

    • I am finishing up with my rabies shots, dang dogs. SO that’s good! I haven’t foamed at the mouth or anything, so God is good
    • We had an ASAITO!! haha that is a bbq,
    with some investigators, they cooked us food! They are great! The problem is, one is atheist and the other is catholic. They are super great, and we have formed a good relationship, we taught them L1 and man it was powerful! They just need to ASK!! So simple, yet sooo hard for people to understand!! Just ASK!! Just do it! Yet we can’t force them to get a testimony! So, we are working with them! Luis and Miriam!
  • We baked bread with Hermano Pino! He is great! He was a bishop at one point, and well, not anymore. He is just incredible He is less active and trying to get married, but its taking a while. But he has his own bread shop, so he taught us how to do it and everything, it was sweet! He really opened up to us too!
  • The district is doing good. We got to do DIVS the other day with los pensamientos, I got to go back to my old ward and with mi hijito Elder Hendrix. It was so awesome, so cool to see how far he has progressed, that is so rewarding! He is like, a missionary now, full force and that’s so awesome to see! So, it was a great time! And to see the people, wow. I truly love them. I felt like a proud father to watch my kid and also all these people change and grow, I can’t even imagine how heavenly father feels about us! It was really cool to feel that! 
That’s about it this week! I am sorry! Pray for us, we are just trying to search and find the people who really need this gospel! they are out there, it’s just a hunt!! 

I LOVE THE ATONEMENT: I love being here. I love giving people hope, seeing people change their lives. I am soo grateful for this opportunity, and to have learned so much and to grow and change. I am just really blessed and thankful! 

Go out and SERVE!! just do it! People need us. They need help. And it’s the most incredible thin to be an instrument in god’s hands. 

I love you all!

Elder Carney

Feb. 22, 2017
12 PEOPLE!!!
Hello friends and family

Well what a weird week. This is going to be a short email because I am trying to send some pics!!

  • We had 14 people at church...well actually 12, 14 with two missionaries. It was a really rough week.
  • We went to the Centro to do our visas and all that! Which was so fun! We woke up a like 6 am and the office came and picked us up, so we were on divs with elder Allred, and so it was Maser, Allred, Kieffer and I, just the 4 buds, we all came together here! It was really dope
  • I TOTALLY took a funny carnet picture! it’s like our Chilean ID! Haha I am So excited for it!! It will come soon
  • We played soccer today, WOW, so freaking hot, but it felt really good to get out and play!
  • I am really learning about just helping one another. A lady in our ward, Lily Conmtreras, we had lunch with her one day and she is just so full of wisdom! She is the best! She really lifted us up when we are down. And I feel like that it, it’s part of being a Christian. To help others when they are down. 
  • We are trying. We are doing our part. It’s really Gods time now. It’s up to him. I have really struggled with that my whole life, but we are doing all we can and in the end, we leave the rest to God, telling him, alright it’s your turn. We will keep pushing on but we are patiently waiting. 
  • My comp is awesome. he really opened up to me the other day. He is struggling being here. And he is just an awesome comp. Honestly, I feel like part of being a missionary is also to help your comp. In some areas, maybe you are not there for the people, but the main reason is for your comp
  • Counting my blessings. I am SO blessed. SO grateful. I had a moment of that the other night reading my patriarchal blessing. I am so freaking blessed. Despite everything, just BLESSED
I love you all. Just trying to give it my all, and be happy! We all need to be a little more happy, dangit!! So I’m a gonna do that. You all should too! SMILE God is good. Life is beautiful

Elder Carney

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