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APRIL 2017 Updates!!

***Note: So sorry, google wouldn't let me back into Elder Bradley Carney's account!  But this techy challenged mom FINALLY figured it out! Ha! So here are this last month's emails! Lots of changes!

April 5, 2017

Hello family and friends!

Wow, general conference. SO good! Last one watching it in Spanish haha praise Jesus! Nah it was good, but after 10 hours of sitting, it gets a little boring!

But it was so great to hear those talks. Some really hit me, were super good! I just have a new found love for general conference now 

This week was good. It’s been a little hard, not going to lie. I have had a couple of days where the motivation is just super hard. Just have to bear down and grind through, look for the little blessings. Which there are. Even if it means that someone said hello or nicely rejected us, heck, tis a blessing! I will take it!

But I am trying, that’s about all you can do. It’s been hard, YES, but I know that God hears my prayers. And the new video for the Pascua (Easter), is SO incredible. Prince of peace. 

I really have been searching for some peace in my life and every day, and I think we all need it honestly in our lives. And we can feel it through Jesus Christ, it’s such a different kind of peace. SO, I love sharing that video and truly trying to find inner peace, and everlasting peace.

We played paintball today. SO DOPE! Have some nice bruises, nice war scars!

That’s about it. Changes are next week, something will happen. It’s either I am going or my comp is, so we will see. Man, so many downs and a little ups haha but overall, GRATEFUL. to be here, to be a missionary. 

GOD is the best. I am blessed even though I have trials, and even though I struggle. I am human, and I am glad to try to be a disciple of Christ. 

Love you alllll
Elder Carney

These sweet ladies from his very first area almost 2 years ago brought me a birthday card & donuts! They are my Chilean family!!!

We have grapes at our new house so we made grape juice!!!

Wed, Apr 12, 2017 2:10 pm

Hello family and friends


Do you know why? 

BECAUSE I not only got changed, I am with ELDER CHRISTENSEN!!! Literally one of my best friends on the mission. And we are PUMPED!!

Like they say it’s always darkest before the dawn, well, I am out of darkness and soo excited to be with him! I am now in the north of the mission, in San Miguel where all the rich people live! Finally, I don’t have to be in the ghetto like I have been my whole entire mission! It is a different world up here!

We are in a ward called Departamental!ª So yesterday we had changes and we also had to change houses too with the sister missionaries, oh yeah, there are sisters in our ward too! So, we had to move and it took a LONG time, was a challenge! But now we are in a really nice house, just us two but hey it’s all good!! 

And yeah! Literally prayers ANSWERED!! 

I feel very grateful for this new fresh start, and to just enjoy this time. This precious time! 

SO yeah, happy Easter everyone! 

I am so grateful to share this message everyone, that HE LIVES!! that he resurrected, and how Christ paid for our sins, he died for us, and he rose the third day! And he STILL lives, his power is still here, his church is still here! There are SO many churches and so many great people too, but to be a part of and to KNOW that we are part of his only true and living church, brings so much peace and just a closer relationship with him and with our h
Heavenly Father! I am so grateful to know that too!!

Elder Carney


Random dog on the micro (bus?) with Elder Maser You'd think he'd stay away from dogs after his Rabies incident!!! But apparently not!  

Thurs. April 20, 2017

Hello family and friends!

Sooo thank you all so much for all the birthday wishes, you are all the best!

Twas a great bday, all tranquillo, just a normal day!! I will give you the dets!

  • We had ward council, OH MY GOSH. Things get DONE in this ward! I was in SHOCK!! my whole mission, it has just been a struggle and the wards, have been rough! Here, holy crap, leaders work and care!! It was INCREDIBLE!
  • We handed out 1,000 prince of peace cards in the metro! We went and wrote our names on all the card and number, and we got on, and just rode it for like an hour and handed out the cards to everyone! Just saying, happy Easter! or Jesus loves you! it was dope! And if the people didn’t want them, we just smiled and told them to have a good day! God loves everyone so I have to dangit!
  • We made a cheesecake, super good. 
  • We splurged and went and had Chinese food with the hermanas, the sister missionaries! Haha felt like a double date, but they are dope, super chill! Just 4 gringos in the ghetto of Chile!
  • Sandra and Jaqueline came and visited me Sunday in my new ward! they are from my first ward, they are literally my Chilean family. I love them soo much! and they came and gave me dunkin donuts and a birthday card. I am soo blessed. Literally it was so cool to see them!!
  • It has just been great with elder Christensen here. Just been a great week! 
  • Please pray for him and his knee, it’s not looking so hot. He has a torn meniscus and so they are going to see what they can do to help him. We will have more answers next week, but I just don’t want him to go home! It’s been so fun just in a week! 
  • I love this gospel. The mission, it’s just the best, such a unique, and one of a kind experience that we get! TO love people, to focus on them, to help them find a new life and see them change, ITS BEAUTIFUL!! SO freaking hard, but so worth it!!
Love you all!!!
 Elder Carney

Wed. April 26, 2017
 Cambios son Buenos

Hello family and friends!

So, guess what!? I have a new comp now! Elder Sarceno from Texas! He is dope! So, Elder Christensen, his knee was not doing good at all, and so he had two choices, to go home or to go to the office, so he is now in the office to rest his knee, hopefully it gets better! 

So yeah, I am pretty much in a whitewash, haha no idea about the sector or anything! But all is well!! 

We had a good week! Not that much, we really need to find people. SO, prayers are welcome! But I am excited for this challenge! We are just going to have some fun!

I really appreciate the power of prayer. It has carried me and I have learned so much and I KNOW that he listens. And that he wants to hear from us. And it’s really cool to feel that he listens. Sometimes it feels like we are just talking and hear or feel nothing, but you know what, he IS listening to you, and cares about you, and loves you. 

I just have been reflecting a lot about my mission and all that I have learned. Holy crap, I have learned so much, SO much. And I just know, that prayer, it works. That he hears us. That someone is listening and someone knows me by my name. 

SO, pray. Just talk with him. IF you need help, if you feel sad, happy, whatever, just talk to him! HE LISTENS!

Its crazy, time is really flying by. I would have never thought I would be at this point, but  I am grateful to keep working, to have a body that works ,and to share this gospel with people! With my brothers and sisters! Who even though a lot of rejection, lots of mean people, and soo much unkindness towards us, I love em. 

That’s why we have the second commandment. To love one another. And even if they don’t deserve it, you love them. It can be really hard to love your enemies, but we have to do it. We are Christians for a reason, and we have to be true Christians and practice what we preach. 

God. Loves you. He is mindful of you. Talk to him. Open your heart to him. He is there. 

Love you all!!
 Elder Carney

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