Wednesday, May 3, 2017

May 2, 2017!! 2 months!!!!

We bought a cactus and named it Steve!!!

May 2, 2017

2 months!!! EWWWW!

Hello family and friends, 

Wow. So, I woke up today and it hit me, I have 2 months left. What the heck?

That kind of freaked me out! SO weird how time has gone by sooo fast and also at points sooo slow! It feels like I’m in a dream sort of feeling

So, this email will be longer because, well, I have no friends that write me anymore :( Super sad. Life of a forgotten missionary!

It’s been a great week! Here are some dets

  • We did this new idea that I got from a friend in Russia! We took a whiteboard with dry erase markers and brought it outside the metro station, and we wrote a question on it, what makes you happy? and it was SO sweet, a ton of people wrote their answers and we talked to them about it, and got some great conversations and some good references! it was so fun too! So that was a fun new thing!
  • We are trying to do new things to find people! and we are going by the members and wait for it, teaching them to love their neighbors!
  • SOO many times, especially here, people don’t even know or talk to their neighbors! so we are going to change that! But to start off, we have to get to know our own neighbors, so tomorrow we will be baking gringo cookies and going and talking to our neighbors, getting to know them! and we are inviting all the members to do the same, and we are going and doing practices with them and just getting them pumped!!
  • We had a ward activity, a postreton! it’s a dessert, so everyone brought desserts and it was really good! I represented the elders and the sisters and made, wait for it, an OREO cheesecake, it was PRIME! we won an award for it too, not too shabby
  • We are really honestly just trying to find new people! it’s been rough. Man, it’s so hard here! but we will find people. What I have learned is that our efforts are no wasted. NO EFFORT IS WASTED. at times, it feels like it but we are just planting so many seeds and maybe in 2 months, 2 years, or 20 years, those seeds will grow!
I had to give a last-minute talk in church and I really wanted to help this ward. And animate them for missionary work. And so, I prayed and just asked for the spirit to guide after preparing for an hour, and I think it went well! I talked about love, and how we are here to love god and others, and how this love impulses us to share the gospel, because it is the most precious thing that we have. And I just expressed my love for them, and just trying to let every person see, that people need us. They are out there. 

And I know it’s true. SO, people need YOU. they need your example. your testimony. they need you to share your happiness, to share your love. And we can do that through SO many ways!

SO that was our week. really, I am focusing a lot on finishing strong, loving these people, making it count, and just building the faith of others in every aspect.

I love it. I am so grateful for it. And I need to share it! so I invite you all, to go share it! go find those people who need this happiness, this hope. This change of life. It is the best thing we can be doing.

Elder Carney

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