Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feb 10 & 17, 2016 Hello FAMILIA!!!

Feb. 10, 2016
Well hello their everyone! Hmmm ok so this week was good. I hope grandpa’s funeral went great, hope everything is all good, and everyone I just miss and love all you all a lot! Well, we went through changes and I am still with my comp, still in my area. It will be good. He is a good guy, we are having more fun together and opening up a lot more, he is a great guy! Yes, a gringo, probs never going to learn Spanish, but in time! Haha well, this week was good. Here is a bullet point list
  • a lot of people are moving from our ward, which kind of sucks! But all is well, haha our ward is already small, but it’s going to be smaller!
  • Ivan, one of our menos activos (less actives), he is just incredible! He wants to serve a mission, but he told us he needs to just take time and find out if he really believes everything! Just incredible, he is truly coming unto Christ and its only been a month since we found him, since he was praying to find missionaries to talk to again, just really cool!
  • I got sick again. Yep, don’t really know what’s happening. I was throwing up and my body just hurt really bad, so that was for 2 days! Haha but I’m good. No worries, I feel a lot better now, and trying to be a lot healthier, not drink soda (literally its soda, not water here, that’s all they drink) and all that! But I feel better.
  • We played soccer for pday, on a mini turf field, AH incredible! Haha I love it
  • I am now really sunburnt because of it
  • The members are just awesome, there are not that many, but the ones there are, are just incredible!
That’s about it for the week. I am sorry! OH AND THE BRONCOS!!!! WHAT!?!? Haha that’s so sick! Well, I love you all, so sorry this is short! But praying for all of you. God is just a homie. 

Elder Carney

Feb. 17, 2016

Haha, so hello family. First, I need to tell you all a story. So we were walking down, middle of the day, walking down a street of blocks (ghetto apartment buildings) and it’s just freaking hot, I was tired, just not really thinking, and this guy who was peeling fruit with a long knife, turns the corner, saw us, and comes charging at me with this knife! I was like, oh this is just a joke, and then he got super close and I was like, well shoot, this isn’t a joke. Ha-ha and I just didn’t even react, just kept walking, and he got like inches away from me and just started laughing and continue walking on his way, eating his fruit. It didn’t hit me for like a couple of seconds ha-ha that I could have just been killed ha-ha! Kinda funny! That was thrilling. I just turned to my comp and was like, what the heck just happened? But I’m alive! Ha-ha just a funny story!

Anyways, this past week was good. I need to tell you guys something cool also. So we have these people in our ward, who are deaf. The guy is married and have kids and the guy and the wife are deaf, but they are just awesome! So we are learning American sign language, ha-ha its super sick! At first, I just thought there was no hope and I didn’t have to learn it, because the other missionaries are going by and live in their sector, but we had an open chapel, where people can walk through and this is this whole tour, pretty cool! And so we brought them there and we had to translate all of it! Ha-ha me and my comp, Spanish sign language, super cool! Super hard at first, but we are learning! It was just really cool to see that the spirit speaks all languages, even hands! Really edifying to see how hard it truly must be, but how they make the best of it! He is our ward mission leader and just incredible. I want to learn more sign language now! So that was just a really really cool thing, that God uses people in so many ways, to help his children out. 

So that was some main things this week. Our ward is good. We had an assistance rate of 35 people this past Sunday. Yep! It’s like a branch here! But really good people. Our young men’s president (who kind of went off the deep end and got back into drugs) is now just incredible, and doing so good. We are working with him a lot and it’s just incredible to see people who have a desire to change, a true desire to stop things and just come unto Christ. It feels rare to see people who have that, but when they do, it is INCREDIBLE! 

That is what I have learned a lot of this week. Just how we need to come unto Christ, we need to let him in. Let him take over. I love doing things my way and doing everything by myself. I am just like that. But honestly. I can’t do everything! At all. We can try so many times but we will keep falling! That is why we have Christ. That why we have this gospel. I really like a quote that I heard from someone, which is 

I don’t walk around happy all the day, every day. I struggle. I have problems. I am human. I have faults. But I walk around with the knowledge that I am a child of God. That this gospel, brings me peace to have that. That is my happiness. 

Something like that. So yeah, we are children of God dangit! How incredible! And this gospel, how incredible! So that’s what I am trying to learn, to just come unto Christ. Let him take over. We can’t do it alone. And he is right there, ready to reach out and help. 

That’s my wisdom for this week. I love you all. God is good. You are children of a heavenly king, who loves you so so much. Never forget that. Peace and blessings.

Elder Carney

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