Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Feb. 24, 2016

Feb. 24, 2016

Wow hello family!!!

So this week was good! So we had stake conference, which was very interesting. And when I say interesting, I mean that literally no one from our ward was there, well two families who are super strong, but bishop, counselors, other leaders, no one was there! Haha welcome to Chile!!! Nah, it’s all good. So I have a story! I was sitting there in Stake conference, and just kind of like, really? This is awful. This is just sad. No one is here, I felt like none of our people were progressing, just really kind of frustrated and down, just kind of like, alright, I’m trying to work here, but I feel like I have nothing to work with. Then we got up to sing and I turned around to stretch out, and boom. There was my Chilean family! Familia Gonzalez Turedo. From my last area, my last ward! I was just like, in shock. I was just so so SO grateful to see them. I wish I could have hugged them with all my might, I was about to (but I didn’t!) and I was just so so so incredibly blessed to have seen them! They came to our stake conference, to see me. I was just sitting there, just about to cry, I just haven’t felt so much love from anyone as much as they have shown me. They are angels on earth. That family has my heart. I wish I could be there in the ward to help them, to visit with them, to grow with them, but it pains me that I can’t! I was just thanking God, for all that he has given me, for letting me get to know and be a part of this beautiful family. SO that was just really really cool, and I am just super grateful for them! 

Then we had interviews with President Cook this week, and wow. He is just incredible. He really helped me out. I went in with some questions I wanted to ask him, and he just gave them to me how I needed them. Just really feel the love from him and am super grateful he is our president, it will be weird to get a new one in July! Anyway, God just knows. He knows our struggles, our pains, He knows. And he sends other people to help us get through them. 

Something that we had today was an area broadcast from Argentine with Elder David A Bednar, just for the South America, and he just, wow, incredible! He talked about faith, about how we are vessels of it, just talked about incredible stuff, truly inspired, and as he was bearing his testimony, I just knew that he was called of God, he is a special witness of Jesus Crist, and just awesome! So if you ever have a chance to look up that talk, do it! 

It was a good week. A giant heat wave is here, so like 90 or 100 degrees and it’s just freaking hot, but the work goes on! We have an activity with the ward that we have planned and nobody is really helping us, not sure if anybody will come, but let’s hope! Prayers welcome, trying to help people and find new people, prayers would be great! I am just so blessed. I love this work. It’s so incredibly hard, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but forgetting about me and just serving God, serving others, I feel like I have found so much, learned so much already, and just am grateful. God is good! He is the best! 

I love you all, have an incredible week and just give thanks for all that we have!!!

Elder Carney

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