Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Feeling 20!! 4/20/16 AND 4/13/16

April 20, 2016
Hello family!!!

Wow, so what all happened this week? Oh thank you sooo much for the birthday cards and for all that, I am sooo thankful to have all of you in my life! I just love ya! And yeah this week. A lot has happened!
So my birthday, man. I am just sooo blessed. Literally, I am so thankful to be here, to have these people in my life! This family surprised me with a huge lemos cake and that was just super cool, family Gallerardo, they are just awesome! And then, at night time, our ward mission leader, Ricardo, he is deaf, him and his wife, they are just awesome, and they threw a huge party for me! Haha no joke, I walked in and there was sushi, and a huge cake, just food everywhere, just really, really cool. I sat down and I kind of just was flooded with an emotion of love. Love for these people. How they spent their money on me, a little white gringo. I just was overwhelmed with love! I know how Christ feels, how much he loves each and every one of us. I AM BLESSED. so blessed.
Oh it rained for like 4 days straight, and at first it was just AWESOME! I LOVE THE RAIN! Was walking around just in my jacket, just dancing in the street, haha I love it! Everyone was in their patios and inside, and crazy, good Brad Carney just in the street, haha we didn’t have jackets or anything, it came without any warning so I just soaked up the moment, literally! So that was fun! Our house on the other hand, yeah looks like we are going to get a new ceiling! Haha one room like flooded, and it’s not even our house, we are living in a different house! Haha so it’s now 6 elders just crammed into like a living room, but we make it fun! 
All the while, on Sunday, we had 1 hour of church because of the rain, attendance of 25, haha going strong! When it rains or any weird weather happens here, the people just shut down, haha they don’t do anything! But funny thing, they also cut the electricity and the water!!! Haha so we truly didn’t have crap! Just waiting for a huge earthquake to happen haha! No, but we were walking around our sector and at night time, it was like pitch black, I was a little scared haha not going to lie! So weird, everyone was in their houses sleeping at like 6 pm, there was nothing! But we just kept on trucking, in the rain, without light, or water, haha but it was good!
But everything is good now! Oh, we played tennis today for pday, man I miss tennis! Haha still got some in me, but just ate with a family too, they invited us over and so they are awesome! But yeah, that was my week!
Literally blessed. It’s been good here. We had a conference yesterday with our Mission President and Hermana Cook, they are just incredible. So much respect for them. Literally, they are awesome. I love this mission. I know I can’t compare it to other missions or presidents, but I feel just so blessed to have President Cook as our mission president. It was a conference about humility and pride, something I can work on, haha, we all can work on! And repentance also. 
The atonement. Wow, I love it. I am learning about it every day. I can’t even describe my feelings for Christ, to have his name on my plaque, to wear it every day. I am so blessed to be a missionary, to learn of him, feel of his love not only for me, but for others. The mission is the hardest thing, ever. NO joke, but I am Just blessed. Just blessed. Come unto Christ. Learn of him. Invite him in. He is real. He is watching over you, ready to uplift you, ready to heal you, ready to make you into who he knows you can be. He is our Savior. He is my best friend. I love you all and am praying for all of you this week.
Elder Carney

April 13, 2016
HELLLOOO family!

So this week, first off, story time. 

We were talking to this drunk guy (there are many here who wander the streets!) and all of a sudden, he starts going off about Americans and how cold they are, how they don’t kiss on the check to meet people like they do here, and how they only do handshakes, and all of a sudden, this guy gives me a hug and I was like, ok, this is weird, and he freaking kissed me on the check! I pushed him off and was like, salta po lado which is pretty much like, get out of here, nasty!! It was so nasty, so that was scaring. Freaking Latinos!

Anyways, this week was good. So I have been sick this whole week and kind of just miserable. Not really been fun at all, but I just kept trucking, kept going even harder. As a trainer, you want to be an example 24/7 and I realized, one morning, that I physically and mentally couldn’t function, I had been going so hard and didn’t take any time to rest. And was about to throw up, so I just laid down and was out for like 2 hours. The other elders in my house, homies, they came and were like, you are stressed. You need to get better. I finally realized that I was stressed, haha its hard! Doing everything alone pretty much! So I listened to this talk, about how we need to treat ourselves now, rest up and heal before we can keep moving, because in the future you are going to take more time to heal. And so yeah, I was like, shoot I need to relax, I can’t do all this on my own! 

So Jesus take the wheel. I am learning to take things slower, to ask for help more, and to not be sick! Haha I hate being sick, but it was just a good life lesson. We can’t run faster if we don’t have any energy. So yeah, treat yourself, learned that!

It’s been good. This week was good but man, its tiring! Life is just interesting here! Oh we moved out of our house! They are doing renovations on it, so we are in a house with other elders for now, and not sure how long we will be here. They are tearing up our kitchen and bathroom, which is probably good because its super crappy! Pics will come later! But yeah!

It’s been cold lately! Winer is coming, which I am excited for but also not! Haha it’s so cold in houses here, they have no insulation haha so pray for me that I won’t freeze to death! Because I don’t have that much fat to help me!

Other than that, life is good family. Jesus take the wheel, I truly can’t do this on my own, like Carrie underwood states. Haha but not joke, we can’t do it. We truly can’t. So here it is, invite him in. Trust him in your life. He knows it, he knows everything, just let him take control!

I love you family, all is well. Also, not excited to turn 20...noooo!!! I refuse to grow up!!!


Elder Carney

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