Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LIFE JUST GOT REAL! 3/30 & 4/6, 2016

April 6, 2016
Hello family!!!

Soo yeah, this week has been good! Wow, sooo I am really tired! haha training, I never thought it would be so tiring, haha its different that’s for sure! Because you have to be an example 24/7, but with someone watching your every move, every second haha its been good! My kid is from Columbia and he is a good missionary, he has a lot to learn! He knows the language though haha its almost not fair haha we are doing good though. Trying to love him get to know him, trying to teach him! Hard, yes. The mission is hard. So hard. But possible? Yes.

And yeah so this week I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time in Spanish! We did it in 3 months with the mission and it was such an incredible experience. Like, wow! I did it! Haha did I understand every bit, nope, but I did it! It’s so cool, because I know it’s true!  I did Moroni’s promise, that if anyone asks God, with real intent, to know if it is true, they will receive an answer, and I did that- I just knew it. I know it’s true. I love telling people that too! IT’S TRUE; READ IT! The book is blue and its true!

Also, Stanley, our Haitian. I just love that guy. We haven’t been able to visit him but last night, it was pouring rain and he was home and he is just the best! HE prayed, he prayed and asked if it is true! Haha but it is so weird teaching in English haha I love it though! I wish I could do it more here, but I love Spanish too! 

General conference was super good! I loved the talks and just love feeling the spirit! Haha it was all in Spanish which was fun, at like the 10th hour I was just done though haha tired! But I am excited to hear it in English too, or read it in English, but it was just so good! 

Life here is good. I could use prayers, its tiring haha but I love it! I love the people. Even though some are very difficult, even though people scream at us or slam the gate in our faces, or just ignore us, it doesn’t matter. Children of God. And I love ‘em. Is it hard to love them sometimes? Yeah, it is honestly. But I know that if God loves them, heck, that means so should I. I love you all. I am so grateful for this gospel, its true!!!! I invite all to open their hearts, really discover for yourself. IT TRUE!!! And I love it so much!!

Much love!!
 Elder Carney

 BRADLEY and his new companion in the tallest building in Santaigo!!!

March 30, 2016

Hello family!!!

Soo shoot, looks like I’m pregnant...nah I’m a trainer!!! I have a kid!!!! And he is a Latino, yep from Columbia, Elder Garzon, he is a really good guy, just trying to get to know him and it’s just weird because he knows Spanish and I don’t...haha so I have to train him to be a missionary. And I will be honest, its super stressful already! Haha but I’m excited! It will be good! So this means I will have another 3 months in my sector which is good, but we are going to change this ward around! So yeah, I’m a dad!!! His accent though, man it’s so weird haha have to get used to it, how he speaks! Haha never thought that would happen anytime soon! What is cool is that 2 other guys from Colorado from my group, Elder Maser and Elder Brown, we all got lost together in Atlanta, yeah they are training too! But training gringos, which is cool! Someday I want a gringo to train, but for now, got to train this guy! But life is good. I’m alive, the 29th was good, we just stayed inside and played board games and chilled, wasn’t really a vacation though haha we did a super deep clean of the house! But yeah life is good family. I want to hear about your lives! I am sorry this is short, super short, but I love you guys and yeah, life no mas! Love you all, praying for you daily and I wish you all the best!!!!!!

Elder Carney

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