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Hello from the ghetto! April 27, 2016

April 27, 2016
What up from the ghetto!!

Yo what up mi familia!

How are you all doing!? So this is going to be a little short, but yeah! 

This week was good. It’s been good. Today was pday and we played soccer which was fun and then watched 17 miracles, ahhh I love that movie. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.  Now. 

I truly am so grateful for the pioneers. Their faith, their dependence on the lord during their journey. How incredible they are. How much hardships they passed through, it is breathtaking. I am soo grateful for them, for their example to me. I couldn’t imagine all that they went through. It hit me hard! haha how little my problems are. How much they went through, how much faith they had, to get to Zion. To be sealed with their families. I remember studying about it in BYU and there was a quote, about how they came to know God, because of it. I am forever grateful them, for their faith. 

It’s been a good week. We had a lesson with a family that was just really spiritual, we showed the bible video, about Jesus being whipped and crucified, wow. I don’t like that video at all. It gives me rage, I don’t know, I just hate watching it. It makes things so real. SO much we talk about how he died for us and was put on a cross, but when we see it, the reality, it is so different. I don’t know why, I just felt such gratitude for all that Christ did for me, for everyone, how he suffered more than we can possibly imagine. And then we watched the resurrection, and wow. It’s just beautiful.

I love Christ. I love learning about him. I love him, and cannot express my gratitude enough for him. I love being on the mission because I get to do that every day. And I take it for granted, A lot. At times, I am tired. At times, I don’t want to go walk all day, in the rain, in the burning heat, have people scream at us, deny us, just feel like crap. But I am so grateful for what he did, for what he has done for me, that I shouldn’t take it for granted. 

He lives. He is real. He knows us. He knows your name. He knows where you have been, and he knows how to help you through it. He is our best friend. Our merciful savior. 

I love this gospel! It’s hard. Its hard training, its hard being in Chile at times. Yet I somehow keep going on. Keep on keeping on. I am so blessed to have a family, not only at home but here also, and to help others. I love it!

I love you all. This week, just take a moment, watch videos about Christ. Read about him. learn about him. And follow him. 


Elder carney

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