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Fam Bam, what's up! March 23, 2016

March 23, 2016
Fam Bam, what’s up?

Hello family!!!!
So this week, was really good! We are just living life here in Chile, haha oh next week on Tuesday, we have to be indoors all day, we can’t leave because it’s a day where rebellion and everything goes down, like turn up in Chile! Haha basically the purge, for all of you who have seen it! Haha so that will be fun! 
This week, hmmm oh, we had 72 people come to church!!! Yes, 72, that is the most we have had in such a long time, it was super great! Most of them were girls, haha women, what is sad that there is no priesthood in the ward, just sad! Anyways, it was a good week! We are still teaching Stanley, the Haitian that we found and he is just the man!!! It’s hard to teach him in English haha the gospel sounds so weird in English!!! But I love it! Oh sign language is super cool too, haha I guess it counts as another language, but it’s so different, so cool! I really want to learn American Sign language when I am back or something! 
Not sure if you guys have seen, but the new Easter video, He Lives, no, Hallelujah, not sure what it is, but its SOO good! It’s an incredible video, basically saying that Christ rose the third day, that he lives, and that he changes lives, that we can find new lives through him, I just love it, because its true! CHRIST LIVES!!! WE CAN CHANGE, thanks to him. Start new, fresh pages. It’s the gospel of hope, it’s the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church of Jesus Christ, the only true church!!! It’s just incredible to teach!! And its semana santa, haha, or holy week here, people celebrate it and leave town, all that, they don’t have to work for 3 days, so that’s nice for us! But yeah, the celebrate it a week here! What else? Life is just going dandy! We went to the Colo stadium today and also played some futbolito, haha some soccer on small fields, super fun, but yeah, Colo Colo is a team here, a soccer team who are pretty ghetto haha but So famous in Chile, and when games are on for them, it’s kind of dangerous, haha but yeah! I love soccer, man I love it!
God is good. He lives. It was a good week, we are finding people, and working hard, or here they say, caminamos mas que kung foo, haha just another dicho, another saying they have. It’s not Spanish they speak here, it’s really bad, fast and filled with sayings haha, but yeah family, that’s about it! I love you all so much!!!
This is my invitation to you all, to share the gospel, share your happiness with people who you don’t think would accept it, to people who need help, to everyone, because everyone deserves a second chance, everyone deserves to feel the love of Christ. He is real. He lives. Share it. It’s true!!! And if you don’t know it’s true, find out for yourself, ask god. Ask him. Its real! I love being a missionary, even though it is soo hard, and some days it just feels impossible, I love it. I love bringing others unto Christ. So, just come unto him. Let him take you in. I love you all and am praying for you all daily!!!!

Elder Carney

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