Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What the Heck!! Sept 7, 2016

Sept. 7, 2016       Well…..What the heck!!!!

Hello family!!!
So this week. Hmmm I am going to do a bullet list thing! Here it goes

  • WE GOT ROBBED. YEP. they robbed our Chapel. Our chapel which has like a 15 ft gate around it and everything and they broke in and robbed it. We had to go check the chapel at like 9 pm and yep, things were scattered everywhere, they broke into like our vaults that we have, like heavy duty doors, and robbed everything! And not only our chapel, but every chapel in our stake too we just found out! They are like professionals! So yeah super crazy!! It is so sad that people do that! I was super scared because we didn’t know if anyone was still there and what not, so we ran out and locked the doors and yeah waited till the cops and the bishop came then left.
  • We went to this giant food market place I guess you could say, it’s called la persa here and its sweet! So much fruit and weird meat (which is NOT trustworthy, at all) and we just walked around and explored today downtown as a district!
  • I nailed my head on a roof, yes a roof (the people here -some houses are not big, at all, and I always nail my head on gates and what not!) and cut my head, my forehead, haha, but all is well
  • We had 2 PEOPLE COME TO CHURCH!!! 2 investigators who are just awesome!! We are so excited!! Catalina and Veronica, and it was just so great for them to see and feel such a difference, different than any other church that they have been too! And they are reading the Book of Mormon now and it’s just a blessing in disguise, to see people who want to learn and to come unto Christ, just incredible!
  • Allergies are starting up and it is starting to get freaking hot!! Here comes summer!!
  • CHANGES, I am really blessed to be here and to be with my comp, I have learned a TON, and MUCH patience, but we are going to finish strong. But yeah, I did it. When I thought I couldn’t, God gave me the strength and I love my comp. 
  • Oh this Sunday is the 11th its where delinquents here go crazy so we have to be in our house all day!! haha man what is life!? 

That’s about it!! I love you all sooo much!!! have an incredible week and go share the gospel!!!

Elder Carney

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