Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Oct 26, 2016 HAWT DOG!!!

Oct. 26, 2016

Hello family and friends!

Wow. It is getting HOT here!! 

Alright here it goes
  • We had a baptism, well the other elders did in our ward, but she is awesome!! She was living with her boyfriend, and then they decided to split up living together so that she could get baptized! AND, literally right after her baptism, in the meeting and everything, her boyfriend asked her to MARRY HIM!! It was CRAZY!!!! And yes, I got it all on video. But it was soo sweet, so sincere, and soo happy for them and their little family!
  • We got a white wash here! So, the other two guys in our ward they left. And we now live with an argentino and a peruano. They seem like good guys, one is in their training too, so that’s cool!
  • I am now the oldest in the house. what the heck...what is this!?
  • Valeria. She is going to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!! We are really excited for her and she is really excited!! She has changed soo much, and she is ready to complete. She is awesome!!
  • I got the hump day package which thank you all Soo much!! Haha a little late, but no worries!!! 
  • Alright. I want to talk about forgetting about yourself. Yep, forgetting about oneself. 
I have put in a lot of effort to just focusing on other people, what they need. Serving them. Just losing myself in helping them, praying for them, doing everything that I can for them! And wow. I have noticed such a difference. In my attitude, in my thoughts just all about them!! And while I have been doing that, I have realized how blessed I am, how that I’m not important. It’s not about me. It never was. And how I am here to serve God and his children. Yet while doing this, I have developed such a deeper love for the people, and a deeper importance of the gospel in their lives. I just love it, so FORGET ABOUT YOURSELVES: YOU ARNT IMPORTANT!! haha that sounds bad, but no, go out and help, go serve!! Just do it!! Help your brothers and sisters, they need it!! It isn’t about you!!

So yeh boom, stepping off my soapbox!! I love this gospel; it has been a good week! Just living it up here in Santiago sur!!

Elder Carney

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