Thursday, October 13, 2016

Oct 5 & 12 HOT & SICK!

Oct. 5, 2016
It’s getting hot in here!!!!

Hello family!!

Wow, its getting into summer that’s for sure, which means some killer tan lines! Yep, the whole collar tan line! It’s going to be great!! #missionarylife

 So this past week was good! Sorry this is going to be short, but yeah

I had divisions with another elder, Elder Stevenson, he is my zone leader and it was just grand! It was the best, we actually went to BYU together, and although we didn’t know each other before the mission, we have a lot of friends in common and we have been to the same parties, etc, so that was just a really good division with him! Yet he goes home in December, I still got a while to go!

We had a great general conference!! Wow, so good! I especially loved that a lot of it, Saturday afternoon, had a lot to do with missionary work!! it was dope!!!

Yes, I watched 10 hours of it in Spanish. Talk about rough. But it’s all good. I understand it all, but it’s just soo hard to pay attention, and it sucks because it’s not their real voices, it’s some translators, but it’s all good, I downloaded all the talks, so every night means a new talk! My comp got to watch it in English which is good for him haha with another gringo in his training

So it’s been good! We watched movies today for Pday, haha yep! And it was fantastic! I saw the Big dinosaur or whatever, which was soo cute, kind of weird but really good! And also Zootopia, about that bunny thing police, so that was fun!

It’s been going good! I am tired but so good!! We are really happy with finding some new people, and please pray for Valeria! We are trying to go do a temple tour with her, and she needs to quit smoking!

I am really learning to forget about myself. And it kind of hit me how selfish I was before the mission. Man was I selfish. And yet I didn’t think I was, now that I am here and look back, it is kind of sad to see how needy and how greedy I was. And I am blessed to be here and I how much I have changed, and how much more I need to change. Change is good. It’s not something bad. And at some points, we have to change, whether we like it or not, but come what may and love it!

God is good! I love being here, I am just grateful. Sometimes we just need to be thankful!

Elder Carney

Oct. 12, 2016

Hello family!!

So here we go 

  • I was totes sick yesterday, like I woke up and just felt like crap and my stomach, I felt like someone punched me. So in the end, I threw up and that was great, then started the fever and the chills, and yeah, so I was lying in bed all day pretty much I hate being sick in the mission
  • But it was just a 24-hour thing and now I feel great! So that’s good!
  • We did a temple tour with Valeria, one of our investigators who has a baptismal date!! And it was SOO special!! Wow, it was incredible; we felt the spirit so strong and she did too,
  • It’s getting hotttt here!!
  • The temple tour defs made it incredible., She felt the spirit and she knew it, so please pray for her that she can get baptized! 
  • Elder Hendrix is a beast and is doing an incredible job. Man these missionaries are so prepared haha I feel like they just keep coming more prepared and better. He  is doing really good .He is picking up on the language more everyday, and he is really trying .I feel bad that I was sick haha I couldn't do crap! But he is a champion!
  • We cleaned the house today, so that was fun! 
  • I really don’t know what else to say!! Shoot I am sorry!!!

I am super lame and I really don’t know what else!! Haha but that’s all good!! How the heck are you all!? 

God is good. Life is good over here. Just really trying to focus on the people, trying to help them and forget about myself. Man was I so selfish before the mission. So that’s my invitation, forget about yourself and go help others.  I feel like it’s so easy, yet we are soo weak in acting, in doing it. JUST DO IT: 

I love this work, I love being elder carney, and life is good!!!

Elder Carney

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