Wednesday, November 9, 2016

HOLA MIS WASHITOS!! Nov. 2 & 9, 2016

Nov. 9, 2016
Hello my orphans I just told you guys!

How are all of you doing? Good? I hope so! How’s life and all?

So this pasty week was really good! Here it goes

  • SOooo freaking HOT!! I am dying of heat.
  • We went to the temple today, which man. It was just so great!! I love the temple!
  • We have a new rule where we can’t leave the mission, like at all. So, that kind of sucks because it is so small, our mission is really small, and so yeah, BUT whatever floats the boat! Just going to be obedient and that just means a lot of soccer and asados (bbqs) here!
  • We always do contacts, like in the park and houses and all that, and some of them just turn into great stories, really wierd stories too. Here are some experiences from my contacts
  • Talked to a girl who’s work is a pole dancer and gave me her card (awks, not going to call)
  • A lot of people who smoke marijuana and always offer us it, and I just tell them (un otra dia mejor) which means another day maybe>! They get a laugh out of that
  • I one time NAILED my body into a poll because I was walking and talking with people and didn’t look where I was going, THAT was a great laugh! I hope people saw!
  • Just a lot of random, weird things can happen!
  • We had a DOPE lesson. A really powerful one with Frqansico, a less active, he got baptized because the missionaries back then were really cool and good at soccer, then he went inactive. BUT we found him and he just cried with us, you could see that desire, that desire to change, and it’s just really cool to be an instrument in Gods hand.
  • We had 80 people come to church!! So that’s good!!
  • Had divisions with my district leaders, who I saw them be born (a term for when they came into the mission) and was their leader and that was just really cool! SO cool to see not only péople but missionaries and their progression, so awesome! And rewarding!
That’s about it!! We are just working it out here and living it up!!

The temple today was really good, and honestly I went in expecting some answers to my questions and kind of forcing it, but in it I just knew that I don’t need to worry, that everything will work out no matter what, and that I just need to be happy. 

Which is like the key to life. That’s all God wants. That’s all that the plan is. Eternal happiness. Happiness today, in this life, and in the next. SO that was just really good for me, I needed it and so that’s the goal, to just be happy. Life is too Good. Everything will work out

GO TALK TO THE MISSIONARIES: Go open your heart. GO find out what God has in store for you. YOU are part of his plan and he loves you so so much! Just ask him! 

I love you all!!! Besitos y abrazos!!

Elder Carney

Nov 2, 2016
Happy Halloween from the Mormon missionaries!!

Hello!! How is everyone doing? I hope you are all doing swell!

So, what a week. A lot of things have happened and it’s time for bullet points

  • VALERIA GOT BAPTIZED!!! On Saturday and it was sooo good! Well, not many members showed up, which I was disappointed, BUT it was such a good baptism and was just awesome!! Super good!!! She went from rock bottom to this point and it is just sooo cool to see her faith, and how GOD PREPARES PEOPLE. It is soo true. 
  • It was halloween, we dressed up as jehovas witnesses...nah! But I wanted too. The ward had a dance and man was it hard not to dance and just go crazy. Did I bust some moves, you bettter bet I did! 
  • My eye is going crazy, I got something in it and man it just is really red and hurts like a mother, but hopefully it gets better! 
  • Had divisions with the zone leaders and it was just so good! Went with Elder Jones from Idaho, and he is just the man, it was such a good day, I needed it!!
  • Invitation. GO OUT AND HELP PEOPLE DANGIT. I am sooo sick of people who don’t do crap. Who ask if a person is ok, and don’t do anything. If we really cared, we would go visit, go take time out of your own life and go help!!! So please people, forget about yourselves and go help. People do need you. 
  • It’s just been good! 
  • I have been very tired lately. Really tired, yet I know that even when I feel like I CANT CONTINUE, THAT GOD LIFTS ME UP, HE GIVES ME A LITTLE MIRACLE, OR A LITTLE ENERGY BOOST, AND I JUST NOTICED THIS IS ALL IN CAPS, SUPER SORRY
·        But yeah life is good family! I hope you are all doing well, just trucking along here in Chile!!

·        Love you all soo much! God is GOOD!!

·        Elder Carney

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