Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sept. 28, 2016 CHAO PELO!

Sept. 28, 2016
Hello family

So I did something, that changed my life forever...

I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR. Yes, I am now bald. Well, not completely, but yeah, me and my kid did it, and other people are doing it too now, so pretty soon its going to catch on and all the missionaries are going to be doing it. The flow is gone! 

So yeah, back to my old rat days, but hey, it’s all good, not here to impress anyone! Also, its getting super hot and so I’m ok with it!

How are all of you!? So this week was a good one, here goes the bullet points
  • We had 82 people come to church. I repeat, we had 82. It was sooo good to see the chapel like full!  We had 5 investigators come too, which is incredible and we are just so blessed!
  • We are helping Valeria quit smoking, she is so awesome.  She knows it’s true, she just needs to quit smoking and truly its incredible to see people turn their life around, like there is a difference in their countenance. So please pray for her!
  • Also, I had a little surprise too. My Chilean family from my first ward, Jaqueline and Sandra Gonzalez Turedo, they came and visited me in my ward!!! They just pulled up and walked in and I was like, in shock!! They just wanted to come see how I was and give me more animo, I just love them so much. Literally I love them, they are INCREDIBLE. It’s like true love of God. They are such a special family. So that made my whole month. I just love them, and am so blessed!
  • We are doing good!! Just working hard and being obedient. Its literally obedience when you find and see the blessings and miracles. In all the little things. 
  • My shirts are stained yellow I swear #loveit
  • We found a family of Brazilians and hopefully they can teach me some Portuguese! Haha just kind of fun
That’s literally it. I really don’t know what else to tell! We are seeing so any blessings, and honestly I feel like its if you look for them in the small and simple things. It’s all about attitude, too. To now be with my compo and to have and exercise that faith, and not just have one person doing it, makes all the difference, and it’s just incredible!!

GOD IS GOOD. Just another week in Santiago sur!!

Elder Carney

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