Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Nov 16 & 22, 2016 Well Hello!

Wed, Nov 16, 2016 1:08 pm
Subject: HELLO

Hello familia! How are all of you?

Soo yeah here it goes

  • today for pday we made sushi, which is really growing here and a lot of people love it, but this time, we MADE it, sooo we’re pretty much Asian 
  • Had interviews with president, was good, not much else to say!
  • We have a BAPTISM this Sunday!! Brandon y Daina, they are little kids but are just angels and their family is less active, all of them (this area has a lot) so hopefully we can see some blessings come from this, and they are so excited!
  • Vanel, he is a Haitian, and he is just the man! He has come to church 2 times now, and he has a baptism date!! I wish I was black..
  • Jehovahs Witnesses contacted our door...awk. They always try to fight with us and I just am soo sick of that! So they gave me a book and I did too, the plan of salvation, and while they were contacting me I was trying to get their address, haha! They got frustrated I think!!
  • We have been doing good, I have just been tired. But still trucking!
That’s about it!! 

Other than that, it’s been good. Life is good! God is good. He is so good. And it’s getting freaking HOT!!

It’s an adventure!! Life is good, just enjoy it. In the small and sjmple things. 

Elder Carney

Nov. 23, 2016
Welll Howdy Doo!
Hello family!! and friends, if I still have any!

This is your son/brother/friend elder carney!

This week was good!! Not really sure what happened honestly!! But life is just good!

I am just happy to be alive, just love it! Honestly, that’s about it!

Hmm trying to think!!

We found a lot of new people this week which his really good!! We are really excited, have some really cool potential ones!!

Ohhh Brandon and Dayyna were baptized!! It was soo good!! So special and just awesome! It was elder Hendrixs’ first baptism too and it was really good! Their whole family are less active, and there are more than 20 in total, so we will see if this brings some miracles. 

They were so excited! When they came out of the water Brandon was like, BAKAN!! Which is like AWESOME, DOPE!! haha it was great!!

I am really loving this ward. I love these people. It’s so frustrating at some points, and it feels like nothing functions at all, but I love it. I know that blessings come from it, from very little action. ESPECIALLY obedience. Something so simple. Just be obedient!!

That’s about it fam bam!! I love this gospel, sorry this email is lame!! BUT, GOD LOVES YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!! It’s not some social club, awesome thing, yet it is awesome. It holds all the keys in order for us to gain salvation, to be in families for eternity. It’s TRUE, its REAL!! Love you all!!

Elder Carney

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