Wednesday, December 14, 2016

FELIZ NAVIDAD! Dec. 14, 2016

Dec. 14, 2016

Chello familia,

Como están todos? How’s life?

Soo here we go, super sorry, but this week I don’t think I will be writing that much! But here it goes

  • We had divisions with the ward PAC, (Pedro Aguirre Cerda) and I was with Elder Grau, from España, he is DOPE, so that was fun!
  • Elder Champutiz and I are NOW SUPERHEROS (see picture!!) super sweet, thank you mama carney, right now it’s so hot at night that we don’t wear them, but when winter hits, you best believe I will be hitting those things up!
  • Ate sooo much fodo and ate something bad Sunday, the next day we were dying, BUT we made it through the day!
  • It’s been great, I love being a missionary!
  • We have a family, famila Rojas, they are great! Just awesome people and we are working, trying to reactivate them!
I just truly love being a missionary. That’s about it. It’s been such a humbling experience. And it’s such an act of faith, yet every person should go out and serve. Everyone. 

I feel so blessed. So so, blessed to be able to help these people, to give it my all, and to have Heavenly Father by my side, guiding me.  

It’s one of the most beautiful things to be an instrument in God’s hands. To help his children come back, to follow him.

I LOVE IT. I love this gospel. It’s true. And if you don’t know it. Go find out. Jesus Christ lives. I know it. And although I still have questions and doubts and I am still human, I know this. He lives to bring us home. Let him in, find out who he is, what he can do in your life. 

Elder Carney

Bradley got 1 of his Christmas packages, and opened his Christmas PJ's early!! He and his comp are "Super Missionaries!"  And considering it's 90 degrees there, they probably won't be wearing these onsie pj's very much!


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