Friday, February 10, 2017

WHAT A WEEK Feb. 8, 2017

Feb. 8, 2017
Hello familia!

So, this week, well it was good I guess! Here is a little run down shmum down

  • We had a conference with the son of Elder Packer, who died. It was good, not really anything special. But it was good to be reminded of things and to kind of go back to the basics! I just tried to focus on learning something new, heck every day we can always learn something new
  • This old guy at church always sits by me, and he is DOPE, so loving and loves hugs! He always gives me these packages of cookies, haha, his name is Jose de la Rosa! He is like my gramps here
  • We have a new ward mission leader! So, I thought about it, I haven’t had a ward mission leader like, for the most part of my mission. And if I have, they haven’t done anything or were inactive.- BUT, Hrmo Rojas, who was menos active (less active) and we have been helping, he now is our ward mission leader! SO loving, doesn’t know anything, but is willing to try! It was a really cool moment, to see their family progress and they all have callings! 
  • YES, I am getting my shots, because of my dog bite. It is healing though, little by little! Freaking BEAR! now I have a fear of dogs, NEVER TRUST DOGS!!
  • We had a great pday today, we played soccer and had a asaito, which is a bbq, but better! Was great! Just love being active, I miss it
That’s about it! It’s hot, very hot. But a few days it’s been a little cooler, gracias a dios! 

All is well here. Prayers porfavor for the ward, it is struggling. We are just trying to find new people, we are searching but man, the fish aren’t biting! But it will happén, just moving forward with faith every day!

I love this mission. It is the greatest, yet the hardest. It’s a love hate relationship, but I really am thankful for the opportunity to grow. 

I love you allllll

Elder Carney

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