Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I have RABIES! Jan. 25 & Feb. 1, 2017

Jan. 25, 2017
Hello family!! and friends (if I still have any))

How are you all? 

This week, wow What a hot one. 

Here it goes

  •  I have been studying my purpose as a missionary lately, and our vision as a missionary. And just trying to fulfill and give it my all. One thing I really love about the Gospel is that we are ALWAY learning, and how the scriptures always speak different to us and we can learn so many new things from them
  • We had 30 people at church, ROUGH! We are working so hard I feel like, and seeing no results, BUT Satan is just working really hard with our people right now, with our ward. And he WILL NOT win. 
  • We will just keep swimming against this current!
  • I have been sick this week too, which has been really rough. It’s so hot and I have had a fever and congestion, its bee bad! BUT I am getting a little better which is good!
  • We had to stay inside for 3 hours yesterday due to smoke from all the fires that are happening there is SO much here in Santiago, you cannot even see the mountains or anywhere, nasty. But prayers for Chile, there are a ton of fires
  • So, this week has been a challenge, honestly as missionaries we try not to express all the bad stuff, we try to focus on the good stuff, but wow, SO hard! It felt like Satan was just going full force on us this week, with our people and just in general. We got water balloons thrown at us and nailed us from these ghetto kids with no respect, this lady we went to go buy completos to cheer us up (after walking for 7 hours straight with nothing) and this lady just BLEW up right as she saw us, and refused to talk to God about us! Ha-ha we didn’t even say a word, I just told her we wanted completos! But nope, she refused to even do that! (Completos are a giant hot dog/sausage served in a bun with a guacamole type sauce & tomatoes- Brad loves them!)
  • SO, it’s hard. BUT, we need to love these people. It makes me feel how Christ felt, when even his closest friend, denied him, or even turned him in, or even doubted his power. And in the end how they crucified him. These present suffering are nothing to what he went through. 
  • We just press on, with faith, with happiness. Because Satan will not win. he cannot, its already planned. SO, Christ is our foundation. He is real. I love him. SO grateful for him

Elder Carney

Feb. 1, 2017
Hello family and friends!

So, guess what, I don’t have rabies, BUT, 

I GOT BIT BY A FREAKING DOG. YEP, it was like a bear!!

We were walking home at night and this crazy dog just was going in sane and it freaking BIT me, I couldn’t do anything but get away from it! It bit me on my thigh, so that fun!

Anyways, the medic here told me I don’t need to get shots, even though I have like two big holes and they were bleeding in my leg, and I was like uhhh no, I’m pretty sure I do. 

SO, I went and got shots myself, and guess what, turns out you DO need to get shots, no matter what. SO, here’s to not getting rabies, and saving myself from a life full of rabies!!

**Mom note** He will have a series of 5 shots every few days***NOT what missionary moms want to hear!

Anyways, fun stuff, who would have thought!?

This week was good. We are trying starting over, finding new people! We had an investigator at church! Margarita! The only thing is that she believes all the churches are true, and she feels good in all of them! BUT that will change. 

People just need to open their hearts. Ask. Just try. It is something so simple, but it has to just open your hearts. Let Heavenly Father in, let him speak to you through the holy ghost. 

We did divs with los Penssamientos, so I got to go back to my old ward. It was really cool. It was a great thing to see, and people to see!

I have been thinking about all my efforts, how much I have tried, and I felt like they went nowhere sometimes. But going back and seeing all the people from my old ward, the people who I cried with, grew with, laughed with, it was a huge testimony to me that my efforts were not wasted, that many prayers of mine have been heard. It was a beautiful moment to see people who have changed, who are changing, and trying following Christ. That was a real privilege for me.

I needed it. So, God knows. He knows.

Life is good! It’s getting pretty hot here! Love you all sooo much!!!

Elder Carney

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