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Aug 18, 2015- Last P Day here

Aug 18, 2015- Last P Day here
Well Hello Familia!!!

¿Como están ustedes? Well, this is my last Pday here in the CCM and next week I will be out in the field! We leave Tuesday!!! And my emotions, I cannot wait but I am also nervous, so the usual! I am excited just to get out of here! So next week you probs won’t here from me, but all is well! 

We got new native roommates from Chile and Columbia! I love them so much! They are so interesting! Haha, Elder Agudelo and Elder Montoya! Elder Agudelo is the man! He loves chick flicks and so we talk about them all the time! And Beyoncé, so we are pretty much besties. Haha, he is awesome! He is 25 and from Columbia! They are just so awesome and have bets that I will get married 2 weeks after the that’s not going to happen! But man oh man, what is life!? Oh they also compared me and my companion, they said I was SpongeBob and my companion is squidward, it is so true! 

This week was the same as others! I have learned a lot of patience. A lot. I thought I had it until I came out to the field.  It has been a struggle but it also has been a big learning experience which I am grateful for. God makes everyone in different breads that’s for sure, but hey, he still loves each dog! 

I have been praying a lot this week just to kind of get through, some days have been hard and the Spanish is challenging. It will just be a shock when we are actually in the field, but I can’t wait! I pray for my new companion and I just hope I have a good experience, I need it! But come what may and love it! Spanish is hard, but it will come! I can comprehend a lot but speaking, there are just so many tenses! Patience!!!! If that is one thing I learn my whole mission, so be it! 

On breaks we play smack a trash, a game that is like hackie sack but we made a ball with tape out of trash, hence smack a trash. But we don’t just see how many hits we can get, we see how many kill shots we can do! Yes, kill shots, where you just wail it at someone. Let’s just say my soccer skills have come in handy and yes, elders have been on the ground and hit in the family jewels. Its super fun! That’s the most active thing we do all day instead of sitting in desks! Haha! 

Yeah not much has changed! We go tracking and contacting in a different mission, I think Santiago Oeste here on Friday. So that will be good! My district is awesome!!! I love them. I am going to miss them so much. 5 of them are going to Norte and I just don’t want to say goodbye! But life is good!

Oh we met this family, this white family wearing BYU stuff and we were all just so excited!!! They are from Utah and we found out that their daughter, died in the mission 7 months ago in Argentina from sickness. Kind of insane. I just felt so much love from them and just wanted to hug them. You could tell how hard it had been but how strong they were in the gospel. They were just inspiring honestly. They had such a testimony that they would see her again, and that their family would be together forever, for eternity. I just love that part of the gospel.

That is pretty much it this week! Kind of a spiritual message, I felt this so much this week. The spirit is the language; the spirit is what teaches people, not the language. When people feel the spirit, that is what changes lives. It doesn’t matter if the language or anything is rough, the spirit will testify, and that is all that matters. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am excited to go out in the field and just be lost, have no clue what to say, and honestly to struggle, because I know that I can do it. I know that God cares and loves all of his children so much. SO much. He wants all the come unto him. Even when days are hard, just hold on. Hold on and focus on what you do know. Focus on building your rock. It doesn’t matter if your rock is so small of anything, just focus on what you do, and pray your heart out. Stay strong. God is ALWAYS there. He will never abandon you. 

I love being Elder Carney! It is just great!!! I love Chile and I love GOD. HE IS THE BEST!!! 
Scripture of the week: Helaman 5:12 about building your rock

Love all of you!!!

Elder Carney

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