Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aug 26, 2015- Hello from Covarrubias!!!

Aug 26, 2015- Hello from Covarrubias!!!
Hello mi familia!!! 
I am currently in Gran Avenida, on a ghetto computer, in a ghetto restaurant, in the ghetto!!! No not really, but kind of! Yeah so today is Pday! Wednesdays! We played soccer this morning and then went to the store and got food so I wasn’t starving like I was and yeah! Been a super chill day. Orientation was yesterday and it was a super long day. Really long. It started with us leaving at like 9 in the morning, on this super ghetto bus with bullet holes and all that! And yeah, then we were seated in the chapel (all the new elders) and then comes this wave of people, just sitting down and literally the whole mission staring at us! It felt like we were lambs to the slaughter. Then we met out companions, our trainers! Mine is Elder Booher, from, wait for it...Colorado!!!! From Parker! And he is exiting his mission to train me, so in 3 months when my training is done with him, he is leaving! Yeah kind of crazy!!! 
Oh, last week we went contacting in the Oeste mission, and we get off the subway and there is Connor Weaver!!! So he was my companion for half a day!!! It was super cool. His Spanish is amazing and he has really changed, just an awesome guy! We got rejected the whole time, literally the whole time. It kind of sucked. But I know that is just a glimpse of what I have to come, and a glimpse of what Christ has felt, what he did feel for us. 
Ummm, I miss the CCM, not the actual place, but the people in it. I had to give a talk on Monday about my experience at the CCM all in Spanish. It was good! But I really miss my district, disctricto dos! They are just amazing people and I really miss them already!!! 
I made it to the apartment, after taking a public bus with two suitcases, my companion, and in suits, in the ghetto, but I made it! It is super small and yeah, we live with 2 other elders, and they are both like 20 months out on their missions. So I am the new lamb ready to get slaughtered. Which I kind of already did. Last night, we were teaching this family. Yeah I didn’t understand like anything. But I tried, and they laughed at how bad my Spanish was. But I got to bear my testimony to them, if that’s all I can do, so be it! 
We taught this lady who just bore her soul to us, and of course, all in Spanish, and it was really humbling. I felt so much love for her. A love I have never felt before. She felt so lonely, she was weak, she hates life and has thought about ending her life, and I just wanted to give her everything I have. I almost cried while she was crying. I just felt like this is how God must feel as he sees his children suffering. He loves them so much. I caught just a glimpse of it, and it was so humbling. 
This whole experience is humbling. There is graffiti  everywhere, barbed wire fences and metal gates, no front lawns or porches, tin shacks, tin roofing, dogs laying on the street everywhere, sirens, and yeah. Very humbling. It’s hard to be here, it’s hard to be here where I can’t talk to anybody, where I want to talk in the language but I can’t. I can talk to my companion, but I just want to speak Spanish so I can learn it, but it’s so easy to speak English. I don’t know. But I love it! God is just smacking me! Just pray for me. That’s all I ask. Pray for investigators, pray for strength for me. I pray for all of you and I love all of you so much!!!! 

Elder Carney 

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