Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2, 2016 Sunny in Santiago

March 2, 2016
Sunny in Santiago!

Hello family! So this will be kind of a short letter, super sorry! Today, we went paintballing!!! Super sick!!! It was awesome, got some good welts but all worth it! I love P-days! 

Anyways, so we had an activity this week, viaje (Trip) to Hawaii, which pretty much is a Plan of Salvation activity. We all board a plane like we are going to Hawaii, and then the plane crashes (this really graphic plane crash, haha probs scared some kids) and then every dies, yeah? Then they go to the Telestial kingdom, and find out what is there. People who continue in sin, continue to do bad things, all that. This dark room, with just a night light, just creepy, cold. And then Terrestial Kingdom, which is just worldly things, just sports, everything, just not eternal happiness. Then the Celestial Kingdom, which is just super bright, with a big photo, stand up of Jesus Christ, and just peaceful, and just really cool! So we did that activity. Yes, the missionaries. No one else. We set up, did everything! It was so so frustrating, just me and my comp doing everything, finally we got some help and thank goodness, people came! And it was really good! Haha turns out we had 9 people come who we are visiting, which is really good! And then the next day at church, yep, 0 came. Everyone was sleeping. Welcome to Chile! So frustrating!!!

Anyways. This week, I honestly have been humbled. I have just noticed my pride, and just I didn’t feel like myself. I haven’t felt like myself lately. And I read a talk which just pretty much destroyed me, then built me back up. That’s kind of been the way this week has gone haha! But I needed it. I needed to truly, just pray. I just had a time when I just needed to pray, just think, and I felt so much better after. Just trying, telling God, here I am. I know I am weak, I know I can’t do this alone. I truly can’t. I try so much, and I know I have so much to learn, but I need His help. And I’m willing to do it. 

And it was hard!!! It’s hard to just own up to our mistakes, just ask for help! I hate asking for help, but we need to do it! We can’t do it alone in this life. It’s impossible. And we have a Savior, Jesus Christ, a God who loves us so so much, and sees our potential and puts things in our way to make us grow. And we just need to do it! Stop messing around and do it. 

So that is what I learned this week.  Alright, questions! I want everyone to send me questiones, about Chile, missionary work, anything! GO for it!

I just love you all. It was a very humbling week. I am super sorry that I am not going to write more, but next week! I love you all. I am so grateful for you guys, for my family, friends, my life! For God. To be able to feel his love, and to help others feel of it. 

Always remember, we are children of God, he loves us. He will never fail us. 

Elder Carney

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