Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 9, 2016 I Can't do a Backflip anymore!!

March 9, 2019
I can’t do a backflip anymore!

Well family and hit. I tried doing a backflip for mutual, one of the youth wanted to learn, see me do it, and well...I almost ate it. I can’t do a backflip anymore...I’M FAT!!! Haha so time to break out the P90X abs workout, haha nah...but I was just so sad!!!! So there it is, I lost it. Fat and loving it. 

Anyways, this week was good, it has been an adventure. I am tired! Today for Pday we played soccer, well it’s called bebe, which is little courts, little soccer fields, they are everywhere here! Super cool! And also, one of our investigators came! Victor, he is like 40 and an awesome guy, he destroyed us all but I still have a little something in me from soccer haha, still can hold my own! I love playing with Latinos, they just play so different, so fluid, and then gringos, It’s just a wreck! 

This week was good, we are now starting English classes at the chapel. Something interesting happened, we were contacting and earlier that day we had a zone meeting in which they talked about how we pretty much need to have more faith, pray for miracles- get out and see the Lords hand, see miracles every day! And so I really wanted that, and I was praying for it, that something would happen, and we came across this guy, Stanley, yep from Haiti! There are so many Haitianos here, and people from other countries working because in there countries they don’t pay like anything, and this guy spoke English! Like island English, but it was SO sick!!!! And he brought us to his house, he was excited just to speak English, he has 2 months here in Chile and we are now teaching him!  He has the craziest stories, about Haiti and why he is here in Chile, just such an incredible guy, and we are super excited to work with him, and it’s in English! It feels like we are in the states, this guy is sick!! So pray for Stanley, he is incredible. 

I just love learning peoples stories here, life stories. One thing I have noticed this week, is that we need to respect everyone, need to love everyone. We don’t know what people are going through in their lives, yet people in the world are so judgmental and it’s sad, truly sad. Just have respect, treat everyone like family and friends, take off the masks and stop the judging, we are all children of God, nothing else. Doesn’t matter where people have been, what they have done, everyone and anyone can start new, can feel of Gods’ love, can start again.  And thanks to Jesus Christ we can do this, through the atonement, we can do it!!! I love the atonement, it’s incredible. USE it. It’s for us. I am learning about it every day here, I am in awe for what Jesus Christ did for me, for everyone, he died for me. He suffered and he also was resurrected, for us!! It’s amazing!!!!

Alright family, I love you. I am praying for you all. Please pray for me and these  people I am teaching. GOD IS GOOD, don’t ever doubt that. 

Elder Carney

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