Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Long Time No See! May 11, 2016

We had so much fun Skyping with Elder Brad Carney on Mother's day!!  He looks GREAT and sounds so happy!  It was so awesome!!! We had our Denver family on the call, as well as Danny in Utah, and Katy& Marty & twins from NYC!  It was the best!!!!!

May 11, 2016
Long Time No See!
Well hello family! wow, that was soo weird to see you all. Haha to see your faces and hear your voices. super weird! Yet soo good to hear and see you guys, I miss you like crazy! I just love my family; you all are the best. And almost cried, but didn’t, thanks mom, for being you. YOU THE REAL MVP mama carney. Love you!!!!
Katy, Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And so yeah not really sure what to talk about this week! We had changes, but I’m staying and have to finish my kids training, but yeah another 6 weeks in this ward! It’s really progressed a lot, little by little, has it been super hard, yes, but I’m really blessed. Tired, yep, but blessed as ever! 
Hmm not sure what to say, going to do bullet points, deal? deal.

  • I now am like, a haircut person, I have cut like 5 peoples hair, and I will be honest, and prideful, they look dang good!!! so #newhobbie
  • we have an activity of postrew, of desserts this Saturday, not sure what to bake, but I need a recipe, something American if you could please send me one!!
  • Still living 6 in our house, well the other house, our house is getting renovated, and probs going to be another 2 weeks
  • Chile is cold in the winter, the houses have no insolation and it’s like a refrigerator
  • I almost got bit by a dog, but #protected by God
  • played soccer on a big turf field today with a ton of missionaries, my leg started hurting, from my injury my senior yet, my IT band, so that kind of sucked, going to take it easier now
  • Wow, I can’t breathe here. I feel fat
  • The people are good, we are finding some new people to teach. They are just sweet,
  • my kid (his younger companion he is training!)  is doing good, he is a good missionary, just trying to bring the spirit in every moment, in lessons and everything, that’s the challenging part as a missionary. The spirit is the teacher, not us, AMEN
  • that’s pretty much it....God is good.
I love you all!!! Have a GREAT weekend, and remember how much God loves you. To trust in his plan. I am so grateful to be here, honestly, I feel like I have progressed so much, learned so much, and yet have soo much to learn, yet I am so grateful that I am here. God loves us, he has a plan.
Trust in his plan. In his love. 


E Carney

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