Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, 2016 SHALOM!

Apparently, the FORCE is with him!!!  VADERING it up in CHILE!!!

May 18, 2016

What up family, my friends, everyone in the 303 and in the USA! This week has been good. We are just working hard, or as they say here, sacando la mugre!!! Which literally means taking out the blood, welcome to Chile, there are saying and weird dichos for everything! 
This week, hmmm what has been new? Oh we had an activity here in our ward, that they planned for like 3 weeks, and like 15 people showed up haha so that was fun! But it was good, it was a festival de postres, so just ate desserts and all that!  I bought a brownie mix, haha I don’t have time to make a cake or anything from scratch! But they were prime!
So new guy in our house, Elder Willis, from Utah, he is a homie. Chill guy, super sick! Umm everything is going good, my comp is doing good! 
Today we went to the temple and went and ate at a Columbian restaurant, which was good! Haha now I feel sick, but whatevs, it’s the mission, we pretty much have diarrhea nonstop for 2 years. SOO sick of rice with chicken, or I should say oil, with a little bit of rice and chicken! But I am grateful that I have food.
The people here are awesome. I love them. Is it hard sometimes loving the people? Yes. But deep down, no matter how crappy the day or how cold you are walking around all day in the rain and nobody’s letting you in, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about love.
God loves us. So much. At times I question that, at times I am like, how? There are SOO any people in this world, how can he know ME, and know my name, and feel what I am going through? At times we all will question that, but think of all the moments that he has been there, that he has had a hand in our life. He is there. He DOES know us. He loves us more than we can know.
I am tired, haha as I always say, but I love being tired. Life is good!!!
Its getting colder here, raining and all that, and just super cold at night! Time for winter!!
That is all my family. I am sorry, not really anything special happened this week! Oh, this Haitian, Stanley, who is just the best, he called me his nigga, hahah I just started cracking up hahah what a homie. 
GOD LOVES US. LET HIM IN. love you all

Elder Carney

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