Friday, June 17, 2016

Put on your Adventure Hat! June 15, 2016

That's SMOG, not clouds, hello lung cancer!

My adventure hat!
 June 15, 2016

Put on your Adventure Hat!

Hello family!!

Wow, so first off, today was pday and I put on my adventure hat and we climbed a hill!!!Haha it was super fun, wow. Just trucking up a mountain (hills here) and heart beating, sweating, I feel SOO out of shape, but I just love it so much, hiking. WOW, it was incredible!!! I miss it, that’s for sure! But today was sick!! It’s called Cerro Chena, and we of course decided to go the hard uphill way instead of the long way! Haha I miss it so much, I was just trucking up that hill, haha I love it! Latinos struggled a little bit, haha but the gringos we are so out of shape haha! But anyways, God is good. I felt like I was in nature, and got to be above all the smog and filth, actually breathe real air, first time I have my whole mission! SO yeah, I can’t WAIT to be sore tomorrow, I miss it! 

Oh side note, I love Haitians. There are soo many here, and I just love them. We are finding so many and trying to teach them, they are some of the most humble and loving people. Black people are the best. They are filled with pure love and energy; we all need that!!! Sorry side note done

This week. Wow, what a good one. We had our talent show with our ward, and like over 50 people came!! Super good! And I sang!!! Haha yep, team no fear. I sang “Thinking out loud” by Ed Sheeran, and it was really fun actually! Sang with a guy who played guitar and a girl who sang, like a duet, was super chill! The elders, we all did an act but I can’t upload it! It was super funny though, where our arms were not ours! SO me and this other elder, we were sitting and the other elders were our arms and we did the life of a missionary, like waking up, shaving, eating breakfast, stuff like that! Super funny, really fun too! 

It has been COLD lately, soo cold! Haha but really good too!!! Just getting out of the shower and feeling like you’re going to die of cold, haha rough! But all is well. Like my favorite quote, suffering with happiness, or suffering with a smile, that’s my life! 

We had our last conference yesterday with President and Hermana Cook. WOW. It was incredible...they are literally my favorites; I am going miss them so much. Truly I have ben so blessed to have gotten to know them for a year, soo blessed. The conference was one of my favorites, they gave talks and stuff and thy were just so good. About apostasy, repentance, and a bunch of other stuff. SOO GOOD. I love being a missio0nary, I love bringing and inviting others to come unto Christ. We are soo unique, we don’t push people, scream in the street like the evangelicos do telling people to repent or their going to hell. NO. We invite others to come unto Christ, by learning of him, by making covenants with him. And it’s all TRUE!!!! This gospel is true!

I have had soo many spiritual experiences, and just moments of pure love I have felt, for people and from God, but I just can only tell you guys that he lives. That Jesus Christ and Heavenly father, they love us, unconditionally. I love this gospel, this happiness. I am so blessed to be here and in this mission, at this moment. 

It’s been a wild ride. 11 months. Wow. But still have so much more to learn!!! GOD IS GOOD. HIS LOVE IS UNFAILING.

I love you all. Praying for you. GO out and share your happiness

Elder Carney

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