Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwing Up & Getting Assaulted 5/26 & 6/1/16

May 25
Throwing Up & Getting Assaulted

What up family!!!
Wow so where to start off. Remember how I told you we ate Columbian food for my comp last pday, in this little shop and everything? Yeah, well, threw that all up. Later that night, last Wednesday, I just needed to throw up, I felt soo bad, and it turns out, so did all the other gringos! My comp was perfectly fine though, so we were all suffering, Thursday we literally couldn’t get out of bed, just all were quarantined in a room. Just 3 elders, sick, all in the same bed, on the floor, just kind of miserable. So that was fun! But, I recovered. Just never eating Columbian food again!

Today for pday we went and played bowling which was fun! They play American music too, so that’s a bonus! I suck at bowling, I just mess around, and its super fun! Got a solid like 4 strikes though! Then had some McDonalds, which man, I love America. God bless America. 

Oh yeah, last night! We were walking on this street, these two like 10 year olds go up to this girl in front of us, and rob her, steel all her stuff and like molested her, touched he inappropriately. I was pissed. I went up to them, and told them to get out of here, this little kid came up and nailed me in the leg! Like hard, and I almost dropped the little guy. I was PISSED. This kid was a shrimp and I was so close to slugging him, then this adult, yes, adult in the car was looking around in his car franticly, I thought it was a gun so I decided best not and told them to leave. I was just amazed`. How sad it is, that little kids are robbing people, that society can be so bad. We walked the girl to her house, she was crying, she was like 15 and going to work on a school project. Humanity, man, it is so sad.

But I learned a big lesson. I was just disgusted with humanity, with this society, what we live in, and I guess I just figured that you know what, everyone can play their part. Yeah, there are bad things in the world, but there are soo many good things. SO many people, who are good! The power of the adversary, is real. So real. But we know who is going to win. We are on Gods team. We may fall down, but we will always get back up. And thaws like it in the gospel. We will fall at some point, many will fall, but we always have to get back up, keep forgiving, keeping moving forward, not looking in the past. 

It’s hard. Its hard being a missionary, being a member sometimes. Yet when we look at all the blessings, all that we do have, it is such a privilege, such a grand opportunity that we have. To grow closer to Jesus Christ, to one-day return to live with our heavenly father. I love it!!

So yeah, that was kind of fun! Just throwing up and got kicked by a midget I was about to own. In the mission, it’s said that you have 1 free punch, so use it wisely. Haha I was about to use it, but I didn’t. Not sure why, but I didn’t. 

Just be good. Love one another. Love God. We are so blessed. We need to realize that, and help others. God is good. 

I love you all. I bought a volleyball today and laid in my hammock for like 1 hour, and it was blissful. I just love it! I love you, I am praying for you all. God IS GOOD. Peace and blessings!!

Elder Carney

June 1, 2016
Hello my family!!! 

So yeah, this week. Not really sure all that happened!  

  • We are finally back into our house, all nice and remodeled, so that’s cool
  • Getting sick yet again, welcome to my life
  • We have this SICK new family that we ae teaching, one is a less active and the rest are investigators, and they are awesome, so we are excited about that!
  • Played soccer today, got kneed in the leg, can’t really walk right now, just limping around, but all is well
  • It’s been freaking cold at night lately
  • We are finding so many Haitians, and it’s so frustrating, some can’t speak Spanish or English, so we just kind of try to communicate with them, someday I will learn French!
  • I am just living life as a missionary. Really blessed. I love this gospel, I love being a missionary, life is good.
That’s about it! I don’t really know what else to say! But yeah, I am sorry, super lame email! But I love you all and next week I will say a lot more!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Elder Carney

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