Thursday, September 15, 2016

Well...I'm pregnant! Sept. 14, 2106

Sept 14, 2016
Well…..I’m pregnant!  **(When they are training, it means they are a "Dad")

Hello family
Soooo guess what? I AM TRAINING AGAIN!!!!! haha yep I have a new kid right out of the womb! His name is Elder Hendrix, a gringo!!!! From Texas. Super excited!! Literally I am so happy to train yet again, and with a gringo!! I feel a LOT more prepared this time too, but it’s going to be fun!!
Yeah so my old comp, I finished with him!! We ended strong, man was that hard. Man...I learned SO much and I am just glad its over, its now time to train!!! He is a great missionary, super excited!!!
It reminds me of when I was in my training and I just couldn’t understand anything and it was so hard!  I remember being so frustrated, like I have this message but I can’t share it at all! And it’s so weird being in this position, on the other side, like wow, I know this now and now I am helping out. Its like I started from the bottom and now we’re here kind of moment!! 
And so yeah, the 11th of September we were fine, we went to church and then we were in our house all day after! Gunshots and fires yeah, but other than that its normal!! We are all good!!
I gave a talk on Sunday about the love of God, about how evil, it’s not from God, and how people ask where is God in this suffering, where is god in all that has happened? I compared it with the Columbine shooting and 9/11 and it was really good I hope!! Nobody said anything after, haha they are so cold here, they don’t even fake telling me that I did a good job!! Haha but ah well, I hope somebody got the idea!!
We have this new family, Sandra, Marcelo, and Emerson, which are really good! And the dad just found of that he has cancer, and he has been catholic his whole life, and said that he won’t ever change, and now he is having dreams (Latin thing) about our church and all that! And so we are really excited to be teaching them!! YEAH!!!
I love Chile!! AND this week will be fun because it’s the 18 pf September which is Independence Day, (sorry butchered that!) and people here just party all week haha but I love it!! And a lot of drunk people, oh joy. But yeahj! I am doing really good. I have been through a lot, and now it’s time to be happy dangit! It’s time to have fun and work hard!! I am really excited to train; I am just going to give it my all!! I emailed his mom recently just to tell her that her son is a great missionary and see if they need anything. So yeah!! I am just excited!!!!
Sorry that’s about it!! I love you guys like crazy, I am really excited for what’s to come and yes!!!! It’s time to have fun, to work hard, and serve God. LETS GOI
Elder Carney

Here are Elder Hendrix and Elder Carney having a Completo (Chilean Hot Dog)

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